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First Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon in 2022


First Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon in 2022

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I challenge my limits and focus my mindset on success.

Take a closer look at what this first Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon in 2022 offer to us.
Our first Mercury Retrograde of 2022 begins on Jan 14 and ends Feb 03 2022. We have 4 of these retrogrades this year compared to the usual 3 times a year. Mercury is the all about communications and the mind.

  • What are we focusing on?
  • Where is our mindset?
  • Is it healthy and supporting us?
  • How do we communicate with the rest of the world?
  • Are we listening?

A few days later we have our first full moon in 2022. This one is a water sign and falls on Jan 17th in the sensitive and intuitive sign of Cancer. Full moons are always about release and letting go of what no longer works for you.

Overall, we may feel the churning of emotions a bit more with this moon but it also brings harmony when we listen to our intuition. This moon also brings creativity energy,...

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Number 88 Manifesting: Leo New Moon and Lions Gate Align

Number 88  Manifesting

Leo New Moon and Lions Gate Align

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I am bold and courageous. I build my life’s foundation and choose its contents.

In numerology the number 88 represents infinity, abundance and spiritual awareness. This date is one of those manifesting power days every year.

However,  this year on Aug 08 2021, according to astrology, we have what’s called the Lion’s Gate Portal aligning on the same day as the Leo new moon. This portal is associated with the rising star Sirius and is considered to be our spiritual sun. Ancient civilizations tracked Sirius and believed in it power of abundance.

Together they bring us an amplified manifesting day. This will be a good time to pay special attention to what you want to manifest in our life. A turbo charged day to unlock greater awareness and set the course of your journey ahead. Leo new moon reminds us that heart centered dreams represent our true self and deliver the...

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Jan 2021 Energies: Law of Attraction and Manifesting Take Center Stage

January 2021 Energies:

Law of Attraction and Manifesting Take Center Stage

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: With every thought, I think and every action I take I build a better life.

New Season 11 begins with how to level up our manifesting skills. We’ll check in with the angels for insights on how we can level up our LOA skills.

I just uploaded a gift for everyone to keep you inspired throughout the year. A 2021 Year of abundance calendar you can download. Use it on your computer or print it to use. Grab your abundance calendar here.

The first part of the month will feel familiar. Then the first new moon of the year brings just what we need to get things rolling. Energy fills us with ambition to take action along with a fresh new way of seeing everything. Just what we need to prosper in a brand new world.

Watch this episode:

TIPS to get you started

  • Take the challenge I mentions in this episode. Can you list 10 things you are grateful for everyday? If not, start with 5...
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How to Balance Your Life: Angel Guidance

How to Balance Your Life

 Angel Guidance 

- by Jenn Royster

Life balance is the focus for the month of April in all ways. Mind, body and soul balance. This energy that arrived with the recent blue moon on March 31st encourages us to ground into the present moment.

I asked the angels for insights on how we can best move through this for positive results. I share these key points and the angel messages I received on how to balance our life and how important this month will be for all of us in the video below.


April's balancing act does have purpose to help us ascend gracefully. There is a sigh of relief coming as we sort it all out. We have opportunity to rid ourselves of those energies that hold us back. We have opportunity to stand in our Truth. 

Taking time to balance your life now will be most beneficial to you as you create your new future. The higher your frequency resonates, the less you will want to carry around that old energy. It will feel...

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Intuition and Moon Energy: Connect with Archangel Haniel

Intuition and Moon Energy

Connect with Archangel Haniel

- by Jenn Royster

Jan 31, 2018 delivers a rare and potent Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse. I reached out and asked the angels for insight into this event and Archangel Haniel (aka: Anael) came through. This angel is associated with intuition and moon energy. 

Archangel Haniel comes through gracefully. She is know as the angel of joy. Empowering us with a gentle nudge and an angel hug of support when we need it the most. Her energy has a calming effect when emotions are getting the best of us. Haniel is also known for helping us on our inward journey for healing and intuitive abilities. 

Some people feel the moon's energy more than others as it cycles through phases. If you're one of them, you're likely to be highly sensitive to energy and intuition is heightened. This moon in particular will be even more so. 

Maybe you've never felt these energies and now things are changing for...

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Time to Soar: Archangel Michael Guidance

Time to soar is proving to be the theme for year 2018. The energy continues to support the changes we seek. Archangel Michael’s guidance is a refreshing welcome to help us achieve our goals this year. His encouragement and energy comes through like a personal trainer to inspire us to bring it. 
In the Jan 18th broadcast I shared insights and a 3 step plan. Thank you archangel Michael for reminding me of this tool. This brings motivation and action to make changes. 

Here’s the breakdown:
note: I explain in detail how to use the plan and how it works in the video. 

  • Think back to where is all began. How, why, when, where and the emotions attached. 
  • Make the decision to change now in your present day and begin focusing on how you want your life to be. 
  • Visualize a time in your future where you are living fully in this new way of life.


Together, the 3 step plan and the 11 master number energy will support you to launch your...

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Angel Messages: Our Sacral Chakra is Waking Up

Angel Messages:

Our Sacral Chakra is Waking Up

- by Jenn Royster

I've had quite the insightful week and much has come through to share with you. It's quite the lineup of messages I received from Archangel Zadkiel and Gabriel regarding what we are all feeling out there. 

Our Sacral Chakra (second chakra) is going through a major upgrade (or wake up). I've been quite fascinated by how all the information was coming together. The validations, the confirmations, the angel messages, etc... that the Divine was completely there for us in every way. 

The Sacral Chakra (Second Chakra) is all about processing the energies of our emotions, creativity and sensuality. It’s also associated with the element of water. December energies are activating the sacral chakra for it’s time to get busy manifesting into the New Year 2018.

I shared the messages I received from Archangels Gabriel and Zadkiel on the current wake up call happening within our sacral...

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How to Use Fire Element: Manifesting Your Dreams with Archangel Raziel

How to Use Fire Element

Manifesting Your Dreams with Archangel Raziel

- by Jenn Royster

This is one of busiest times of year and of course the universal energies are not easing up on us for a minute. But, that's ok because these energies are waking us up to our fullest potential and reality. 

One of my favorite visualization meditations to do is imagining a world that no longer hurts. It makes me feel better and I am sending out with intention, Love into a world that needs more Love!

Keeping intention in mind, we're moving right along with this massive shift a New Year 2018 with everything we need to make it all happen. INTENTION to create a new and better world for myself and others is on the top of my priority list. 

I asked the angels for insight and what message they wanted me to share this week with you. Guess who came through, and perfect timing for what we need right now, Archangel Raziel. The angel that is known as the keeper of God's...

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Inner Reflections: Angel Messages for December 2017

Inner Reflections: Angel Guidance   December 2017

-by Jenn Royster

Inner reflections stand out in the month of December 2017. I asked the angels for guidance and insight into what the energy can offer us. It's a power packed month that includes the last Super Moon of the year on December 3rd. At the same time (Dec. 3rd) we also have a Mercury retrograde that will shed it's influence until Dec. 22nd. 

So what does all this mean for us? Let's take a look at the lineup. First, the Super Moon in Gemini on Dec. 3rd. brings the energy of illumination. The opportunity to see the truth that we need to see. Or better yet, not avoid any longer. A super moon magnifies the energy even more.   

However, this one will be a bit toned down, because of the Mercury retrograde that begins at the same time. This will work to our benefit. Mercury retrograde receives a lot of complaining because they are associated with communication confusion, electronics on the fritz,...

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Balancing Act and New Perspectives

Balancing Act and New Perspectives

-by Jenn Royster

We are in the midst of a balancing act. The new moon in Libra arrived October 19, 2017. This moon's energy is all about inner balance and perspective. How do we see our outer world? This is important as we are being urged by the universe to take a peak from a new fresh perspective.

Why? Because from a metaphysical point of view our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. So if things are not where you'd like them to be. Taking a look into your inner world can make all the difference moving forward.

This especially rings true for those in the process of big life changes. Many of us are going some sort of change these days. With that in mind, we explored this new moon's energy and the opportunities it offers in the Oct 19th live broadcast. (watch full episode below)

Of course, we checked in with the angels for their insights and guidance on this matter. They always bring out the best perspective and positive...

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