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Jan 2021 Energies: Law of Attraction and Manifesting Take Center Stage

January 2021 Energies:

Law of Attraction and Manifesting Take Center Stage

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: With every thought, I think and every action I take I build a better life.

New Season 11 begins with how to level up our manifesting skills. We’ll check in with the angels for insights on how we can level up our LOA skills.

I just uploaded a gift for everyone to keep you inspired throughout the year. A 2021 Year of abundance calendar you can download. Use it on your computer or print it to use. Grab your abundance calendar here.

The first part of the month will feel familiar. Then the first new moon of the year brings just what we need to get things rolling. Energy fills us with ambition to take action along with a fresh new way of seeing everything. Just what we need to prosper in a brand new world.

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TIPS to get you started

  • Take the challenge I mentions in this episode. Can you list 10 things you are grateful for everyday? If not, start with 5...
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Angel Insights: Lions Gate 88 Intuition and Manifesting Heightened

Angel Insights on Aug 2020 Lions Gate 88

Intuition and Manifesting Heightened

- by Jenn Royster

In this episode we’re calling on the angels for insights into the August 2020 Lions Gate Portal 88. This is a high vibrational time and has significance in both numerology and astrology. An opportunity to set intentions for healing, intuitive connection with our angels and other dimensions.

The heart chakra can finally purge the pain and heal for higher dimensional living. Perfect timing to set intentions for manifesting with great abundance.

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Angel Messages: 5D Energy Expands Love and Abundance

Angel Messages on 5D Energy

Love and Abundance Expanding

- by Jenn Royster

We are expanding more that ever before. We are reaching further out and expanding into 5D (5th dimension) frequencies filled with more Love and abundance for all.
The angels support us as we navigate the spiritual journey. All we have to do is ask and they will answer and be there with you.

We are worthy of abundance in all ways filled with Love, freedom and creative adventure. Ready for something new, exciting and different?

This energy supports your efforts.

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Angel Messages: Abundance Number 8 Vibrations

Abundance: Number 8 Vibrations

Angel Messages for August 2019

- by Jenn Royster

In this episode the angels bring messages for the month of August 2019. This month carries the vibration of the number 8. There’s a lighter brighter energy arriving. Abundance flows in all ways. Hopefulness fills the air with infinite possibilities for everyone.

The lions gate is open June 26th-Aug 12th. This portal peaks on 8/8 bringing opportunity to honor your spiritual gifts and tune into higher realms of consciousness. I have personally felt a beautiful uplifting energy that just stays with me after meditation. I explain more about this and how in this video. 

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Angel Messages July 2019: Spiritual Gifts level Up Abundance Flows

Angel Messages July 2019

Spiritual Gifts level Up Abundance Flows

- by Jenn Royster

In this episode, I share angel messages and insights for the month of July 2019. Spiritual gifts level up, eclipse season begins with the new moon July 2 in Cancer.

Abundance flows in, opportunities present themselves. Spiritual gifts are heightened to receive and guide you. July rolls in with significant support to speed up your advancement.

The messages put an emphasis on working with your guardian angels as we move through this energy. Archangel Michael comes to through to lift the fear away so you can pursue your heart centered choices. 

We have an incredible amount of energy to work with here to level up and tune in with our own spiritual gifts to receive messages from higher realms. 

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How to Manifest Heart Centered Abundance: Working with Archangel Raziel

How to Manifest Heart Centered Abundance

Working with Archangel Raziel

- by Jenn Royster

January is proving to be quite the energy filled month. Interesting synchronicities and manifesting is afoot. The possibilities are unlimited and just what we needed to get things rolling for what's to come. 

This is what we’ve all been waiting for. A refreshing burst of high frequency energy for manifesting. Archangel Raziel motivates and sparks curiosity to create a heart centered plan that works.

January begins a year filled with manifesting opportunity. The perfect time to begin your new and improved lifestyle. Archangel Raziel can help you organize a plan of action to align with heart centered abundance.

Remember that saying…

Home is where the heart is.  A grateful heart sees many blessings. 

Feeling blessed to deliver this live broadcast on an powerful 11111 energy date! (aka. 01.11.2018)  

Did you know... when you add 2018...

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