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Angel Insights: Scorpio Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse May 2022


Angel Insights: Scorpio Blood Moon

Total Lunar Eclipse May 2022

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I align my focus and intention for closure of what no longer serves and rise up to embrace a new chapter that reflects my true self.

In this episode, we call on the angels for insights into the May 2022 Scorpio Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. A rare, yet potent time for closing a chapter in our lives and leveling up on our soul journey.

Full moons are always about closure and releasing what no longer serves us. This is a soul journey growth event. Eclipses magnify this energy and a blood full moon lunar eclipse takes the energy to new heights.

Scorpio takes us deeper for transformation to close old chapters and rise up, marking the beginning of a new chapter. The blood full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio brings a highly sensitive and physic time. You may feel this blood moon eclipse physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Pay attention to your intuition, the ah ha moments and...

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Angels of Abundance: Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse


Angels of Abundance

Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I AM ready to receive opportunities, love and abundance the universe sends my way.

In this episode we ask the angels of abundance for insights into the Taurus new moon solar eclipse. There’s a window of opportunity opening for everyone in one way or another. Abundance comes in many forms and the angels of abundance offer their support to tap into this offer and receive!

New moons are about new beginnings, and solar eclipses magnify the energies present and always fall on new moons. Our first solar eclipse of 2022 arrives on April 30th and carries the theme of opportunities.

Is there something you want to achieve? Here’s your open invitation from the universe to connect with your heart’s desire. 

In the second half of this episode, Jenn paints intuitive readings for the live audience. Watch the full episode attached to this post. 


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Archangel Michael: April 2022 Libra Full Moon


Archangel Michael

April 2022 Libra Full Moon

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I choose to let go of tension and fill my life with harmony.

In this episode, we’ll call on Archangel Michael for insights on the Libra full moon arriving April 16-17, 2022. AA Michael supports us when it’s time to cut ties, find closure and move on.

The Libra full moon highlights what’s been building the tension in our lives. What needs to give in order to find harmony? If you’ve been feeling tension building in the past week leading up to this full moon, there’s good reason to pay attention.

This energy shows us what needs to give to open the gateway to harmony. Archangel Michael is there to help us ease this tension and let it go. All we have to do is ask.

Whatever is highlighted in your own life, keep the focus on finding harmony and letting go of what may be causing discord. Overall, this moon offers us a deeper healing opportunity.


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Angel Insights: Aires New Moon Offers a Fresh New Start


Angel Insights on Aires New Moon

The Universe Offers a Fresh New Start

- Jenn Royster

In this episode, we ask the angels for insights on the Aries New Moon arriving March 31- April 1, 2022. One of the best opportunities to begin a new chapter in our lives with a fresh new start. Setting your intentions for what you want to manifest is favored. In other words, a new beginning with a clean slate is offered.

This is a great time to ask yourself, what do I want to start? What direction do I want to take? What seeds do I want to plant for my future? This New Moon is all about setting intentions, taking action and manifesting a new path for what you want to bring into your life.

Chiron is also showing a strong presence under this moon. Known as the wounded healer helps us find strength and wisdom within our deeper wounds which opens doorways for healing.


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Angel Insights Virgo Full Moon Self Worth Verses Perfectionism


Angel Insights on Virgo Full Moon

Self Worth Verses Perfectionism

Affirmation: I look at myself through compassionate eyes. I know myself. I value my boundaries. I honor both.

In this episode, we call on the angels of self worth for their insights on the Virgo full moon arriving March 18 2022. The energy highlights our self worth and empowerment over perfectionism.

Neptune’s energy (the planet of spiritual awakening) is also present under this full moon. This combination makes it easier to explore where a possible perfectionism interference is present in ourselves.

Perfectionism drives us to seek other’s approval, where Self worth is about seeking personal growth.

Under the Virgo full moon and Neptune energies, we are asked to seek out where perfectionism hides within us and release hindering beliefs that hold us back from our greatest potential.

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Angel Insights Neptune Energy: Dreams Illusions Higher Consciousness


Angel Insights on Neptune Energy

Dreams Illusions  and Higher Consciousness

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I trust my intuition to see clearly. I listen to all my senses before making decisions.

In this episode, we’ll call on the angels for insights to understand what Neptune energy brings us on March 12 2022. Illusions, dreams and higher consciousness are highlighted.

Neptune energy is creative, and opens a doorway to where our dreams live. A place where we can tap into all of our senses and find higher consciousness. Discover creative ways to bring our dreams to fruition by thinking outside the box for solutions.

Again, we have several number 2’s. Neptune aligns with Pisces at 22 degrees. Together a magnetic time for a deeper journey to work with your intuition, connect with higher consciousness and creative projects.

Listening to your intuition is valuable. Knowing to difference between reality and illusion is important when making decisions. As we find...

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Law of Attraction 222222 Numerology of Feb 22 2022


Law of Attraction 222222

Numerology of Feb 22 2022

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I align my inner thoughts and feelings to manifest healing, happiness and success in my life. In turn, I attract healthy relationships, opportunities and harmony with others.

The Law of Attraction and manifesting take center stage. The spiritual meaning according to numerology for the number two is magnified in February 2022. 

In this episode, we’ll take a deeper dive in the meaning of number two in numerology and how we can work in harmony with the universe and the spiritual Law of Attraction.

If numbers are considered to be the keys to the universe, could this be why we may be drawn to certain numbers or see particular number sequences repeatedly?

Number 2 in numerology, represents working with others, the relationships between our inner and outer worlds and duality. Number 2 repeating six times  222222 is a significant power number for manifesting.

We are reminded we are part of...

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Feb 2022 Energy Forecast: Set Intentions Start Projects Overcome Challenges


February 2022 Energy Forecast

Set Intentions, Start Projects, Overcome Challenges

- by Jenn Royster

AFFIRMATION: I AM moving forward with intention and take action to accomplish my heart’s desire.

The February 2022 energy forecast (according to astrology) is perfect for setting intentions, starting new projects and overcoming challenges. This energy will support us from mid February to early April.

This is a most opportune time to soak up this supportive energy to take action on what you want to achieve. Whether it’s setting intentions, starting a new project or overcoming a challenge, this energy won’t last forever and it may be a while before we see this line up again.

In this episode, we explore the February 2022 energy and ask the angels for insights on making the most of this blessing from the universe. 

Food for Thought: Never let fear decide your future. Difficulty is worth doing.


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Angel Insights on Last Full Moon in Gemini for 2021


Angel Insights on Last Full Moon in Gemini for 2021 

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I focus my thoughts with intention on what I want to manifest.

In this episode we’ll ask the angels for insights into the last full moon of 2021. This moon illuminates a dual perspective. Gemini represents the twins and suggests we take a look at everything from a spiritual and human experience. Seeing both perspectives will offer a clear guide on our next steps.

Jupiter the planet of abundance and expansion will be active during this full moon. This brings optimism, creative thinking and possibility to everything we focus on.

We are reminded that full moons illuminate the answers we seek while casting off what needs to fall away. Together with Jupiter’s abundant and expansive energy the universe offers us encouraging support to help us focus our energy where we want to move forward into the New Year 2022. 

Join us for Live shows on Thursdays at 11am Eastern. Visit Jenn...

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Aquarius Full Moon: Manifesting Loud and Clear with Archangel Haniel

Aquarius Full Moon

Manifesting Loud and Clear with Archangel Haniel

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I free myself to make necessary changes to live abundantly.

The second of two back to back Aquarius full moons arrives on August 22, 2021. We are coming to a completion point. What was unclear will become loud and clear. This Aquarius energy highlights what is ending and where we need to revolutionize change in our lives.

Archangel Haniel guides us as we work with lunar energies and manifesting. This angel encourages us to trust our intuition and take action. It will become clear what needs releasing to make room for new opportunities.

Jupiter in retrograde is also active under this full moon. The planet of expansion and optimism urges us to come out of our comfort zone to seek new pathways.

Overall, this full moon is coming in strong with innovative thinking to change direction for a better future. The desire for truth and freedom will make it easier to release what ends and seek...

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