Angel insights: First Full Moon 2023 Energies


Angel insights: First Full Moon 2023 Energies

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I align my intention and energy with what matters most to my heart moving forward.

Angel insights on the first full moon of 2023. The energies arrive January 6 under the watery sign of Cancer. A sensitive yet powerful sign.

In astrology, Cancer is represented by the crab reminding us of our own bravery and loyalty when protecting what matters to us. Cancer energy is known to be sensitive, yet fierce when protecting who and what holds dear to their heart.

This 2023 first full moon reminds us to ask ourselves:

  • Who/What What do we hold dear to our heart?
  • Are we aligned with what truly matters most to us?
  • What motivates us to pour our energy into this?

Overall, this full moon sets us on the path for what 2023 offers us. Ongoing transition and challenge will continue, especially in the first half of the year. By the second half of the 2023 we should begin to feel the hope and light shine through as we navigate and discover new pathways from our choices.

The angels bring insights on aligning with our heart and remind us take this time to reflect on what truly matters to us and where we spend our time and energy. Intuition is heightened at this time making this an opportune time for a lifestyle reset when aligning with our choices.