April 2023 Libra Full Moon Brings Deep Healing Vibrations


April 2023 Libra Full Moon

Brings Deep Healing Vibrations

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I recognize I am worthy and honor the value I bring to the world.

April 2023 Libra full moon arrives April 5th and delivers deep healing vibrations. An opportunity to shed those deeper lingering wounds and discover how they’ve been affecting our relationships.

Chiron (the wounded healer asteroid), is active under this full moon. This opens the door to the deeper set wounds for healing. The high vibrational healing energy is available to everyone.

There’s an opportunity to cut cords and finally set yourself free of some wounds. Yet there’s also deeply set wounds that are catalysts to learning acceptance and embracing the lessons learned.

On a deeper spiritual level, we are growing exponentially, and if you choose to explore your own personal healing journey, this Libra full moon with Chiron’s energy connects you with higher vibrational healing energy.

This deeper healing energy is all about seeing how worthy you truly are amid those deeper wounds. To find your true path, strengthen your confidence and respecting the value you bring to the world. Everyone is valuable and worthy.

The angels and the universe recognize your value.

The question is: Do you recognize how valuable you are?

TIPS on how to connect with this deep healing vibration:

  • Watch the episode video attached to this post to learn more: I explain more in-depth about how to tap into this deep healing energy and how to raise your frequency for living and thriving in an ever changing world. 
  • I also walk you through a step by step activity to help you connect anytime you need a boost.