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Angel Insights Focus on Abundance Harmony and Stability

Angel Insights Focus on Abundance Harmony and Stability

- by Jenn Royster

AFFIRMATION: I align with the frequency of abundance in all ways. -Jenn Royster

Angel insights bring our focus on abundance, harmony and stability in our lives.

  • Are we achieving our goals? Take a look at what you've set out to achieve in the past year. What's still pending? What needs some work? What needs to be started? Get organized and grounded and start! 
  • Are we living harmoniously in body, mind and soul? This is a balancing act of self care, healthy diet, exercise for the body. Meditation does wonders for the mind and grounds us into the present. We need to be present to manifest our tomorrow. The soul speaks to us through our passions, dreams and heart centered choices. Our intuition speaks to us but are we listening? Our soul knows what to do and knows our soul purpose. We find confidence to take action when we trust our intuition and listen to our soul.
  • What about our relationships and financial stability? Do we have stable healthy relationships? Do we need to find appreciation for another, respect our differences or let go completely? Financial stability is a big topic this year and yes, we're in the heat of the moment sorting out our next move and what to do. Does fear rule your beliefs on what you're capable of achieving? 

All these areas are highlighted for everyone throughout 2021. There's plenty of unlimited abundance energy out there for everyone to tap into.

To believe in abundance energy means we trust there is an unlimited supply in the universe for everyone. There is plenty to go around no matter who has received before ourself. We don't feel like we have to hold on so tightly to everything we have.  We have freedom to share in a give and receive energy. We are filled with gratitude for everything we have in our lives. We appreciate all. 

A lack energy is a state of belief that  there's a limited supply. There's not enough to go around. The lack state of mind is disheartening and discourages us to even try to makes thing better for ourselves. We feel trapped and not able to share with others. 

This is the year to focus on what we can be grateful for and take manifesting an abundant lifestyle seriously. When we take the time everyday to be thankful for what we already have, it lifts our frequency out of a lack state of mind. It has a calming effect that helps us move out of a fear based state of mind and into a take action state of mind. 

Law of attraction is about aligning with the frequency of abundance to achieve success in all areas of life. The frequency of abundance is not focused on what we don't have. It's all about focusing on what you DO have. This focus of gratitude attracts more to you that matches the abundance frequency. There is no limited supply in the frequency of abundance. 

 If we focused our intention on aligning with frequency of abundance, have gratitude for what we already have, it will take us far in a year of creating everything new. It's never too late to get started. 

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