Angels of Abundance: Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Angels of Abundance: Super Blood Moon Eclipse

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I aim to achieve my goals with an abundant mindset.

There are several angels of abundance. We’ll work with two of them in this episode as we explore the super blood moon eclipse. Archangel Ariel and Archangel Chamuel.

Angels of abundance are beings of light who help us manifest the blessings and prosperity we desire. There are a variety of angels who do this, but here we’ll focus on two favorites: Ariel and Chamuel. If you’ve been curious to know more about these soulful beings, read on!

Angels of Abundance

Archangel Ariel: The perfect angel to aim your focus on what you do want. Ariel manages prosperity and abundance through cheer and happiness. She delights in bringing good tidings and cheer to those around her as well as to people who don’t even know she exists. She also makes everyone feel welcome by spreading warmth and love where needed. Ariel can also help you with prosperity and abundance in unexpected ways.

Archangel Chamuel: Chamuel helps us manifest our abundance with money, wealth, resources, fertility, and health.

Chamuel also delights in his own special way, giving people what they need and encouraging them to celebrate their blessings. Chamuel's approach is one step at a time which makes him the perfect angel to work with when feeling overwhelmed.

He loves to bring joy and gifts at every opportunity. He spreads cheer wherever he goes and helps everyone see abundance in what they already have: a new job, a new home, an improved health condition, or simply some added peace of mind.

Both these beings are very helpful for manifesting your dreams as well as your prosperity into reality. Chamuel, has been with us for centuries and Ariel has been with us for as long as we can remember. Ariel along with Chamuel both have the ability to work through our dreams and manifest our prosperity in unusual ways.

We know angels can help you change your life for the better but it's important that you remember they do not work on their own nor do they work at all without your blessings. Simply ask for their assistance whenever you want to work with them.

Rare Super Full Blood Moon in Sagittarius

The rare super full blood moon in Sagittarius manifests on May 26, 2021. It's the first time since January 2019 that we'll see this particular lunar cycle. Next time it will be in November 2029.

The message is clear. It's time to expand your mind and see the bigger picture. Try adopting a mindset of abundance and focus on what you want to achieve during this particular lunar cycle. If you're not sure what that means, then read on and find out!

Full moons mean a lot because there's no better time to reflect on what you want to achieve in life. It's an opportunity to take stock of your situation, challenge your assumptions and build new pathways for yourself.

This rare moon will likely clear the path for us. Removing what needs to fall away. Best not to hold on. Instead go with the flow of this energy. A new path opens up to show us the way.

When our inner world feels unbalanced, things outside can start to feel more fascinating than ever before - and we can begin to explore further without being limited by traditional boundaries.

This is a time of expansion for us to look outside of ourselves and discover new things, people, and possibilities. It's a time to expand our vision, which is why Sagittarius is the perfect placement for this super full moon.

So on the night of May 26, observe the sky while the Sun begins to set in the west. As darkness falls upon Earth, we'll see an immediate change as the Moon begins to be illuminated in front of our eyes - all thanks to our friend in science known as "refraction".

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