Balancing Act and New Perspectives

Balancing Act and New Perspectives

-by Jenn Royster

We are in the midst of a balancing act. The new moon in Libra arrived October 19, 2017. This moon's energy is all about inner balance and perspective. How do we see our outer world? This is important as we are being urged by the universe to take a peak from a new fresh perspective.

Why? Because from a metaphysical point of view our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. So if things are not where you'd like them to be. Taking a look into your inner world can make all the difference moving forward.

This especially rings true for those in the process of big life changes. Many of us are going some sort of change these days. With that in mind, we explored this new moon's energy and the opportunities it offers in the Oct 19th live broadcast. (watch full episode below)

Of course, we checked in with the angels for their insights and guidance on this matter. They always bring out the best perspective and positive vibes to help us with our intentions. Even the most challenging of times, can bring insights when we look for a fresh new perspective. 

You never know what you may learn when you take a look at things differently. You may just discover a solution and better way to approach what you're trying to accomplish. 

Many have been reporting that they are seeing repeated number sequences, such as 1111 or 1010. We'll ask the angels about that too. I've been seeing an increase in these number sequences as well in the past two weeks. Especially 1010. I saw this 5 times already this past Wednesday in a couple of hours!

These number sequences are increasing and popping up randomly everywhere. If you're seeing these numbers, then know you are in for some very productive and positive changes. The angels are communicating with you. They also throw in the number sequence 444 to let you know they're close by!

Inner balance is priority these days so that we can connect and tap into our intuition and trust our next move.

Two things that will greatly benefit you during these transitional times is:

  •  Daily energy clearing away lower frequencies.  
  • Take a few minutes each day for quiet time or meditation to connect with your soul. This is where you give time and space to see new perspectives and solutions. 

These two simple things will help you connect with your soul. Trusting our intuition and following the path of our soul is always the best option. 

AFFIRMATION: I AM ready, I AM willing, I AM embracing positive change in all that I AM.
and so it is... ​​​​​​​