How to Use Fire Element: Manifesting Your Dreams with Archangel Raziel

How to Use Fire Element

Manifesting Your Dreams with Archangel Raziel

- by Jenn Royster

This is one of busiest times of year and of course the universal energies are not easing up on us for a minute. But, that's ok because these energies are waking us up to our fullest potential and reality. 

One of my favorite visualization meditations to do is imagining a world that no longer hurts. It makes me feel better and I am sending out with intention, Love into a world that needs more Love!

Keeping intention in mind, we're moving right along with this massive shift a New Year 2018 with everything we need to make it all happen. INTENTION to create a new and better world for myself and others is on the top of my priority list. 

I asked the angels for insight and what message they wanted me to share this week with you. Guess who came through, and perfect timing for what we need right now, Archangel Raziel. The angel that is known as the keeper of God's secrets and the one that can help with manifesting your reality. He's all about esoteric knowledge and is quite the teacher in manifesting skills.​​​​​​​ 

We explored his guidance on discernment, trust, manifesting and making choices on the  December 07th broadcast. Perfect timing I'd say. 

I have always learn much from this archangel. He has taught me how to see the bigger picture, expand my perception and much more. In this episode AA Raziel was all about teaching us how to work positively with the energy of the fire element. 

The 5 elements of nature are known as fire, earth, metal, air and wood. We focused on working with the energy of the fire element for manifesting and how to redirect fire energy positively. We're not talking about physical fires, this all about energy. 

The energy of fire has positive and negative attributes. Positive fire energy is proactive and gets thing done. Where a negative fire energy can have you fueled with anger, resentment and just boiling in a stew of negative vibes. 

Archangel Raziel is one angel that comes around me when I seek a deeper understanding and further my soul growth. 

When we tap into the positive vibration of the fire element, we take action in manifesting our dreams without hesitation. Just imagine, nothing stopping you from creating the reality of your dreams. 

Watch full episode below. 

AFFIRMATION: I AM connecting to my inner Truth NOW. I AM manifesting my dreams into my reality. I send and receive unlimited Love in all areas of life. 
and so it is... ​​​​​​​