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How to Balance Your Life: Angel Guidance

How to Balance Your Life

 Angel Guidance 

- by Jenn Royster

Life balance is the focus for the month of April in all ways. Mind, body and soul balance. This energy that arrived with the recent blue moon on March 31st encourages us to ground into the present moment.

I asked the angels for insights on how we can best move through this for positive results. I share these key points and the angel messages I received on how to balance our life and how important this month will be for all of us in the video below.


April's balancing act does have purpose to help us ascend gracefully. There is a sigh of relief coming as we sort it all out. We have opportunity to rid ourselves of those energies that hold us back. We have opportunity to stand in our Truth. 

Taking time to balance your life now will be most beneficial to you as you create your new future. The higher your frequency resonates, the less you will want to carry around that old energy. It will feel heavier the higher you reach. So release it now. 

You'll know you're on the right track when you feel the inner sigh of relief your Soul will send out. There is peace within. We just need to tap into it. 

The peacefulness and relief are the weight of the lower dense energies leaving you. Less distraction to derail your progress. Less interference!

Now, you have energy to pursue your dreams, and live the life you came here to live. This is balance. 

Life does go up and down. Challenges roll in, but if we look at those challenges as a notification that it's time for a change to balance our lives. We benefit, we grow and the road to ascension is much less bumpy.


AFFIRMATION: I AM Balanced in all ways. I AM supported and loved. I AM living in my Truth NOW.