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Time to Soar: Archangel Michael Guidance

Time to soar is proving to be the theme for year 2018. The energy continues to support the changes we seek. Archangel Michael’s guidance is a refreshing welcome to help us achieve our goals this year. His encouragement and energy comes through like a personal trainer to inspire us to bring it. 
In the Jan 18th broadcast I shared insights and a 3 step plan. Thank you archangel Michael for reminding me of this tool. This brings motivation and action to make changes. 

Here’s the breakdown:
note: I explain in detail how to use the plan and how it works in the video. 

  • Think back to where is all began. How, why, when, where and the emotions attached. 
  • Make the decision to change now in your present day and begin focusing on how you want your life to be. 
  • Visualize a time in your future where you are living fully in this new way of life.


Together, the 3 step plan and the 11 master number energy will support you to launch your ideas into fruition through the entire year. 

The recent new moon on Jan 16th showered us with a unique energy lineup that includes:

  • Determination
  • Hard work
  • Grounded and present
  • Never give up till you reach the top

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto were all in Capricorn. This brings a unified front to the table. Loaded with inspiration to achieve your dreams. This energy makes it much easier to stay in the game to the finish line.

Archangel Michael helps us with the organization and a game plan to kick start our goals. 
If overwhelm, fear or any hesitation is getting in your way of soaring to the top, give archangel Michael and his guidance a try.

There’s never been a better time set your intentions for the change you seek.

AFFIRMATION: I AM successful in making changes that fill my life with happiness. 

and so it is...