Inner Reflections: Angel Messages for December 2017

Inner Reflections: Angel Guidance   December 2017

-by Jenn Royster

Inner reflections stand out in the month of December 2017. I asked the angels for guidance and insight into what the energy can offer us. It's a power packed month that includes the last Super Moon of the year on December 3rd. At the same time (Dec. 3rd) we also have a Mercury retrograde that will shed it's influence until Dec. 22nd. 

So what does all this mean for us? Let's take a look at the lineup. First, the Super Moon in Gemini on Dec. 3rd. brings the energy of illumination. The opportunity to see the truth that we need to see. Or better yet, not avoid any longer. A super moon magnifies the energy even more.   

However, this one will be a bit toned down, because of the Mercury retrograde that begins at the same time. This will work to our benefit. Mercury retrograde receives a lot of complaining because they are associated with communication confusion, electronics on the fritz, etc. 

But, in all honesty, I have found them to be quite beneficial. They offer opportunity for inner reflection on where we've been in our relationships. Including friends, family and business. We can discover better ways to respond in situations.

We benefit by taking a life review of how we handled things before, how we responded or reacted in a relationship and what we could do better next time around. This moon and retrograde will shed new light on what you need to know. 

December's energy will also bring your true self to the surface. By working with the energy instead of against it, you'll find your greatest story ever told within your inner reflections. It's time to see what that means for you. 

December is all about truth. Your own personal truth of who you really are. Your truth will be your key to freedom. The moon and mercury retrograde will help you if you go with the flow what this dynamic duo brings. 

I shared the angel guidance I received for December and much more in the Nov 30th live broadcast. Full video archive below. 

Archangels Jophiel, Gabriel and Michael all came through with their guidance on making the most of December's energy. The angels are most eager to assist us in growing into our greatest story every told. What's your story? 

AFFIRMATION: I AM listening to my soul. My inner guidance. My Higher Self. I trust in all that I AM receiving.
and so it is... ​​​​​​​