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Heart Chakra Healing: Taurus Full Moon Eclipse


Heart Chakra Healing

Taurus Full Moon Eclipse 

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I am healing my heart in every way, everyday.

The heart chakra (4th chakra) processes our emotions, heart centered choices, our relationships with others and ourselves. A Taurus full moon partial eclipse arrives on Nov 19, 2021. The energy focuses on heart centered matters. Where does self care fit into this mix or do we feel the nudge to fit self care into our daily routine?

Energy healing is known for clearing toxic energy and renewing with positive healing energy. It also has a lot to do with how we are aligned with frequency. Are we aligned with the beat of our own heart?

This eclipse energy gives us opportunity to align our heart energy. Not just with your own heart frequency but also with earth’s heart frequency.

Watch full episode for more insights on healing your heart chakra. There's also a guided visualization at the 45:00 min mark to help you focus your energy for...

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Scorpio New Moon Inspires Life Changes


Scorpio New Moon Inspires Life Changes

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I make choices that support my well being and embrace healthy life changes. - Jenn Royster

The recent Scorpio new moon that arrived on November 4-5, carries the energy of change. This could be felt for the next week or two. This motivates us to explore the deeper recesses of our thoughts, emotions and how we feel about our current situation. This is often associated with major life changes that set us on a new path.

If you’ve been going through a metamorphosis, this may be the energy that will accelerate a major shift for you. Although new moons are about new beginnings, the Scorpio new moon also brings a deep reflective time and evaluate our self worth. A life change we’ve wanted for a while needs to be free of a negative self image.

If you’ve been trying to figure it out, this energy could be the game changer for you. Isn’t time you realized how amazing you are?

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Eclipse Season and Angel Numbers 111-1111


Eclipse Season and Angel Numbers 111-1111 

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I am focused on my self worth and release what needs to go!

Eclipse Season arrives with angel numbers 111 and 1111. November 2021 energies bring our attention to matters of the heart. In this episode, we’ll explore this with insights from our angels into what could be a pivotal month for us.

Noteworthy events include the beginning of eclipse season which always magnify the energies at play. Taurus will be in a powerful retrograde and could highlight those unstable relationships that we need to release. Taurus is all about our relationship with finances, self worth and relationships with others, including romantic.

In numerology, Nov 1st activates the angel number 111 and on Nov 11th we have the angel number 1111. Powerful manifesting numbers here that could just be what we need to tie up loose ends, release those old habits, relationships that are not supporting you.

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Aires Full Moon: Reality Check Arrives

astrology podcast Oct 16, 2021

Aires Full Moon: Reality Check Arrives

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I trust my intuition to guide my choices. I AM ready to achieve my goals and dreams. - Jenn Royster

Aries full moon arrives on October 20, 2021 and brings a reality check that will ask us to stretch our limits. Yes, the energy will feel intense, but also offers the wisdom and healing we need moving forward.

This full moon activates what’s called a T-Square in astrology. The energies of Mars, Pluto and Eris intensify tensions and sometimes this is exactly the nudge we need to take action.

In other words, we are being asked to take affirmative action, set our boundaries and balance our lives. This energy also brings a rebirthing of who we are NOW!

  • How would you describe the new you?
  • Are you on the same track as the goals you set at the beginning of the year?
  • Or have your goals changed?

Overall, this full moon’s reality check is asking us about our goals and dreams.

  • Do they need review?
  • ...
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Create Abundance and Life Balance: Libra New Moon


Create Abundance and Life Balance

Libra New Moon Energies

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I AM creating balance and abundance in my life continuously.

Creating abundance and balancing our lives is highlighted under the energies of the October 2021 Libra New moon. New moons are about new beginnings and this new moon brings energy we long for.

We all want to enjoy an abundant and balanced lifestyle and this new moon brings our awareness to where we need to make adjustments. If you have the tendency to people please you may feel a wake up call to take your power back. Or do you feel like abundance has left you behind the door? Is it time to balance the scales?

Overall, October is a make it happen, make it change month, urging us to realign for a better future.

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Major Energy Shifts Oct 2021: Take Action Make Changes


Major Energy Shifts Oct 2021

Time to Take Action  and Make Changes

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I am safe and ready to makes the changes that will support me moving forward. - Jenn Royster

In astrology, major energy shifts arrive in October 2021 setting us on a course of take action and make changes. 

In this episode, we ask the angels for guidance as we explore several key points. Angels remind us there is always a positive perspective to life. They support us when the faucet of so much energy is flowing full force so we are not swept away emotionally. Angels have a way of bringing just the guidance we need to stay grounded, focused and productive.

We begin the month with six planets in retrograde and end the month with only two. This means a lot of forward momentum energy coming together to push us forward after all the slow down and reflective time. The October full moon brings strong transformative energy as well.

Overall, October energy carries a lot of punch...

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Pisces Full Moon: Intuition Emotions Dreams Creativity


Pisces Full Moon

Intuition Emotions Dreams Creativity

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I appreciate and respect my feelings. I recognize every emotion as a guide to healing.

On September 20-21, 2021 the Pisces full moon arrives. This is the last of the 12 zodiac signs and it governs our intuition, creativity, dreams and emotions. Yes, our sensitive side is in focus.

This is a great time for us to be more creative and delve into our own dreams. We also need to be more patient, compassionate and understanding towards others.

It is the time of the year where we are most sensitive and able to feel more. It can be a confusing time as reactions and emotions can be heightened. The Pisces personality is often depicted as an empathetic listener, which allows for feelings to be shared on both sides of the conversation.

The Pisces moon is a culmination of our intuitive and emotional selves, making it a perfect time for us to dream, imagine and create. It can also help us release...

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Archangel Gabriel: Mercury Retrograde in Air Signs


Archangel Gabriel

Mercury Retrograde in Air Signs

- by Jenn Royster

AFFIRMATION: I listen, respect and communicate clearly with others.

Archangel Gabriel is the angel of communications, creativity and seeing the bigger picture. Obviously, this is the angel for sorting out how we communicate, express ourselves and listen to others.

On September 26th we will enter the last Mercury Retrograde for the year 2021. This will be in the air sign of Libra and lasts until October 18th.

Mercury loves airs signs, therefore, this intensifies the energy of this retrograde. The throat chakra is the energy power center that processes how we express ourselves to the world and listen.

Could we do better? This is the perfect time to do some throat chakra (aka 5th Chakra) clearing and balancing. We’ll go over how to determine if your throat chakra is balanced or blocked and how to clear the energy if needed.

Watch the full episode here in this post. (no ads) 

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Matching Numbers Amplified September 2021 Numerology

Matching Numbers Amplified

September 2021 Numerology

- by Jenn Royster

AFFIRMATION: I accept being abundant and prosperous as a way of life.

Matching numbers in September 2021 take an interesting twist. In numerology, your personal year and your personal month numbers align in September. This adds additional influence to the numbers.

In this episode, we explore how to calculate your personal year and month numbers. Then we'll take a look at the meaning and energy of numbers for manifesting. Something worth paying attention to, especially if you’re working with your law of attraction and manifesting skills. 

People who are interested in numerology should know that September is one of the best months of the year to celebrate. People can use this month to reflect on their past year or month, or even plan for the future by making resolutions. They can also use this time as a reminder of how far they’ve come.

Numerology is a pseudoscience which believes that...

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September 2021 Energy Turning Point Arrives

September 2021 Energy

Turning Point Arrives

- Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I AM ready to make the necessary changes that will support the lifestyle I want to live.

As September 2021 energy rolls in, we begin to feel like we are about to find out what’s coming next. A highly sensitive time of year where the veil is thinning at the Equinox.

We’ve reached a turning point. We may feel a need to make a change, or find ourselves on shifting ground as it’s transforms beneath us.

We’ll explore why numerology is highlighted in September as well. A number 9 month where your personal year and month number are the same.

The last Mercury Retrograde of the year arrives before most planets go direct in October. This launches us forward.

Last but not least, we’ll ask the angels for their insights into month of September. They are always there to support us. We just have to show up.

Overall, September will be dropping hints and preparing us for major astrological...

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