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Intuitive Gifts Level Up Under Full Moon June 2019

full moon intuition video Jun 17, 2019

Intuitive Gifts Level Up

Full Moon June 2019

- Jenn Royster

Everyone has intuition. The question is do you trust it or dismiss it? The June 17 2019 full moon in Sagittarius highlights our intuitive gifts. An opportunity to level up and the catch higher vibrational frequencies available.

Under this full moon, tapping into your own intuition and listening to your inner truth is the focus that prepares us for the upcoming months. This is a most opportune time to unlock your inner wisdom and tap into higher realms for answers.

Watch full episode below:

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Angel Messages: Bridge Your Soul Plan and Life Path Choices

Angel Messages

Bridge Your Soul Plan and Life Path Choices

- by Jenn Royster

Time to build that bridge! Opportunity arrives to build a bridge that connects our soul plan with the life choices we have made. Our intuition, connection with the Divine, our soul, angels and spirit guides will be highlighted with messages to help us build this connection.

Our spiritual awakening has led us to this point. The messages, the blessings, the intuitive connection we seek to align with our inner truth. The best is yet to come.

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Angel Messages June 2019: New Truths Come to Light

Angel Messages June 2019

New Truths Come to Light

- by Jenn Royster

Time to take a peak into the month of June 2019 for angel messages and insights. June arrives with lighter energy. Our perception of how we believe things should be much easier to evaluate under this energy.

Do we accept it or want to change our perspective? New truths under the surface of our inner landscape are ready to reveal themselves. Time to lighten up and let the good vibes in. We might be pleasantly surprised.

Watch the full episode below: 

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Archangel Gabriel: Let Creativity and Self Expression Go with the Flow

Archangel Gabriel

Let Your Creativity and Self Expression Go with the Flow

- by Jenn Royster

Archangel Gabriel is known as the messenger angel.   The name means “God is my strength.” Go with the flow appears to be the theme of 2019, a number 3 year in numerology.

Archangel Gabriel is a wonderful angel to call on when you want to tap into your inner creative self and express that to the world. Perfect timing with the current Gemini energy. An air sign that rules over the mind, our thoughts, creativity and self expression.

Time to let your creativity and self expression go with the flow. Watch the full episode below. 

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Spiritual Transformation: Angel Insights on Full Moon in Scorpio

Spiritual Transformation

Angel Insights on Full Moon in Scorpio

- by Jenn Royster

Spiritual transformation is all about releasing, cleansing and transforming your life to align with your authentic self. Spiritual awakening encompasses all of the above with a magnetic boost of motivation in self discovery.

A full moon in Scorpio arrives May 18-19, 2019 (check your local time zone). This is known to be the sign that rules over releasing the old, rebirth and transformation making this full moon a powerful journey within to our authentic self.

In this episode, we check in with the angels for insights into this life changing energy. Watch the full episode below. 

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Angel Guidance: Spiritual Awakening Self Expression Levels Up

Angel Guidance: Spiritual Awakening

Self Expression Levels Up

- by Jenn Royster

On the path of spiritual awakening, we seek to understand the many changes happening within. Once we awaken, this path continues to stir our soul to make necessary changes inside and out.
We have a boost of energy support to help us along our ascension path with the Taurus / Uranus lineup that will be with us until 2026. This is all about how you feel about yourself. Do you practice self love? Do you respect yourself enough to make choices that shine your light in the world through your true self expression inside and out.

Watch the full episode below.

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Hope Love Healing: Angel Insights for May 2019

Uncategorized May 03, 2019

Hope Love Healing: Angel Insights for May 2019

- by Jenn Royster

May brings a healing and restorative energy beginning with the new moon on May 4, 2019 in Taurus. Love, Healing and Hope brings just what we need to balance our lives. A gentler vibration after all the major energy shifts help us settle in, review how far we’ve come and where we’re headed in the next few months.

With the full episode below.

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New level of Spiritual Awakening Arrives

spiritual awakening Apr 26, 2019

New level of Spiritual Awakening Arrives

- by Jenn Royster

A new level of consciousness arrives to ease us into a new level of spiritual awakening. We are all unique yet we are all connected. This concept will shed light on how we are all connected by raising the frequency. What used to be difficult, becomes easier as we continue to align with higher frequency living.

We are rising above an old outdated way of life. Energy healing flows with ease, living a healthier lifestyle is the new normal and heart centered choices become priority.

We dive into the possibilities in this episode. Watch the full episode below. 


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Angel Guidance: New Moon and Manifesting

Angel Guidance: New Moon and Manifesting

- by Jenn Royster

Aries new moon arrives April 5, 2019 and brings one of the best opportunities to focus your intentions and manifesting. Perfect timing to support our dreams and efforts.

In this episode we check in with the angels for insights on working with this energy to get things rolling and throughout the remainder of the year.

There's several tips throughout this episode on how to tap into this new moon energy. This one in particular is quite powerful for manifesting. Aries new moon brings energy to get things done. 

We're also moving up a level and that means going inward a bit deeper to listen to our soul. I go over this deeper soul dive along with how to do an intention meditation with this moon energy for manifesting and aligning with your soul. 

We discuss how to decipher whether or not our desires are coming from the ego or your soul. Obviously the goal is to align with your soul truth and...

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Angel Insight: April 2019

Angel Insight: April 2019 

- by Jenn Royster

Angel Insights: April 2019

Do you Feel it? Change is in the air as we move into April 2019. We begin to feel something has shifted. A sense that our life has taken a new turn. Good news! This will feel positive and open for expansion. 

In this episode we go through the month of April with a little help from our angels. Abundance, manifesting and relationships come into focus.
April brings opportunities for personal growth in these areas. Spiritual awakenings continue to expand our awareness. 

A few key dates to point out in April 2019:

April 5th - New moon in Aries. A good time to think about what you want to manifest into your life. The first week flows with positive energy. So make the most of this opportune time. Think about your mindset regarding finances, abundance and relationships. Now's the time to set in motion your intentions in these areas. 

3 planets go retrograde in April. They are slow moving but will help...

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