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Angel Insights: Libra Season 2022 Energy Forecast


Angel Insights: Libra Season 2022 Energy Forecast

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation:  I listen to my inner wisdom to find balance in every part of my life. 

In this episode we ask the angels for insights on Libra season 2022. We’ll also explore the energy forecast for all 12 zodiac signs with our angels.

Libra is all about balancing our life and is represented in astrology by the scales.

The questions to ask yourself during this time would be:

  • Does my daily routine need balancing?
  • Do I enjoy how I spend my time?

Libra season aligns with the halfway mark around the zodiac at the Equinox. A turning point that encourages us to check in with ourselves and evaluate the direction we are heading.

Self care is highlighted under Libra along with reflections into our relationships. In other words, how we mirror one another. This brings our awareness to hidden areas that surface for healing.

Another question to ask yourself would be:

  • How does my energy shift around certain individuals/others?