Archangel Gabriel: Dealing with Mercury Retrograde


Archangel Gabriel: Dealing with Mercury Retrograde

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I trust my inner voice to see fresh new perspectives and clarity in making life choices that support my well being. - Jenn Royster

Archangel Gabriel, known as the angel of communication, helps us deal with the flow of Mercury retrograde. This angel brings creative energy and the ability to see life from a fresh new perspective. Gabriel is ready to offer his insights whenever we ask.

Mercury retrogrades can be challenging at times but there is a silver lining that Archangel Gabriel brings to our attention that helps us find the value our inner voice offers.

If you were to flow with the Mercury retrograde energy and take the opportunity to listen, you could ask your inner voice, what message do you have for me at this time?

Mercury will enter it’s third retrograde of this year September 9-October 2 in the air sign of Libra. we may notice how we communicate with others in our relationships during this time. By September 23 Mercury will move back into Virgo and we’ll find more reflections on how we balance our lives and self care.