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March 2022 Energy: Time to Heal Push Past Fears Take Action


March 2022 Energy: Time to Heal

Push Past Fears and Take Action

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I align my inner world to reflect the outer world I wish to see.

March 2022 delivers the energy to get things done, take action and push past any fears holding us back. This is felt individually and collectively.

In astrology, it’s interesting to note that March 2022 is the only month of the year that all the planets are direct. No retrogrades! That means it’s time to move forward.

There are several interesting alignments in March 2022 to highlight. A focus on healing in several areas and a conjunction that delivers support to find the strength and courage make it happen.

As individuals, it’s the ideal time to use this energy to your advantage by starting new projects, or take action on what you want to do.

Collectively, it’s also an ideal time to come together and take action for a better world.
This episode includes a special energy healing meditation to...

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Law of Attraction 222222 Numerology of Feb 22 2022


Law of Attraction 222222

Numerology of Feb 22 2022

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I align my inner thoughts and feelings to manifest healing, happiness and success in my life. In turn, I attract healthy relationships, opportunities and harmony with others.

The Law of Attraction and manifesting take center stage. The spiritual meaning according to numerology for the number two is magnified in February 2022. 

In this episode, we’ll take a deeper dive in the meaning of number two in numerology and how we can work in harmony with the universe and the spiritual Law of Attraction.

If numbers are considered to be the keys to the universe, could this be why we may be drawn to certain numbers or see particular number sequences repeatedly?

Number 2 in numerology, represents working with others, the relationships between our inner and outer worlds and duality. Number 2 repeating six times  222222 is a significant power number for manifesting.

We are reminded we are part of...

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Leo Full Moon Venus and Mars Energies Together Feb 2022


Leo Full Moon, Venus and Mars Energies

Align Together February 2022

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I am motivated to find balance in all ways. My life is worthy to be filled with happiness, inspiration and creativity.

The Leo full moon, Venus and Mars align together bringing positivity, joy and the inspiration to balance our lives. Love is the most powerful energy that heals all areas of life.

  • In astrology, the Leo full moon arrives Feb 15-16th and reminds us of the importance of joy and playfulness in our lives. To live and enjoy the present moment.
  • Venus represents sacred feminine energy. The planet of love, harmony, beauty and finance.
  • Mars represents sacred masculine energy, the planet of action, fearlessness and motivation.

Venus and Mars come together on Feb 16th and bring an awakening of these energies.

  • How can we balance our inner feminine/masculine energies within?
  • Take our own self care (self love) seriously?
  • Maybe it’s time to find the balance, level up and be...
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Feb 2022 Energy Forecast: Set Intentions Start Projects Overcome Challenges


February 2022 Energy Forecast

Set Intentions, Start Projects, Overcome Challenges

- by Jenn Royster

AFFIRMATION: I AM moving forward with intention and take action to accomplish my heart’s desire.

The February 2022 energy forecast (according to astrology) is perfect for setting intentions, starting new projects and overcoming challenges. This energy will support us from mid February to early April.

This is a most opportune time to soak up this supportive energy to take action on what you want to achieve. Whether it’s setting intentions, starting a new project or overcoming a challenge, this energy won’t last forever and it may be a while before we see this line up again.

In this episode, we explore the February 2022 energy and ask the angels for insights on making the most of this blessing from the universe. 

Food for Thought: Never let fear decide your future. Difficulty is worth doing.


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Deep Self Discovery: Taurus North Node and Scorpio South Node


Deep Self Discovery

Taurus North Node and Scorpio South Node

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I choose to discover who I AM and be that!

The universe offers us an opportunity for deeper self discovery. In astrology, mathematical points are called lunar nodes located between the Moon and the Sun.

On January 19, 2022, the lunar nodes shift into Taurus and Scorpio for next 18 months. The North Node in Taurus represents what we are striving to achieve and our destiny. The South Node in Scorpio represents the foundation we build on and the past.

In this episode, we explore what Taurus and Scorpio energies offer for a deeper dive into self discovery of what we value and what is worthwhile for all. The opportune time to discover who you are and be that!

We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us. - Rumi

What’s changing in the world and what do we need to accept? This will an interesting 18 months to watch unfold. 

Mentioned in this episode: Dealing with Negativity

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First Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon in 2022


First Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon in 2022

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I challenge my limits and focus my mindset on success.

Take a closer look at what this first Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon in 2022 offer to us.
Our first Mercury Retrograde of 2022 begins on Jan 14 and ends Feb 03 2022. We have 4 of these retrogrades this year compared to the usual 3 times a year. Mercury is the all about communications and the mind.

  • What are we focusing on?
  • Where is our mindset?
  • Is it healthy and supporting us?
  • How do we communicate with the rest of the world?
  • Are we listening?

A few days later we have our first full moon in 2022. This one is a water sign and falls on Jan 17th in the sensitive and intuitive sign of Cancer. Full moons are always about release and letting go of what no longer works for you.

Overall, we may feel the churning of emotions a bit more with this moon but it also brings harmony when we listen to our intuition. This moon also brings creativity energy,...

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2022 Healing Energy Outlook


2022 Healing Energy Outlook

Living a Meaningful Life

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I choose to heal and live a meaningful life.

In this episode, we're starting off a new year with a new season!  

Welcome to Season 12 episode 1

We explore the 2022 healing energy outlook and what the universe is sending our way to help us live a more meaningful life.

In numerology, 2022 is a number 6 year. This represents healing, peace and finding ways to live a more balanced lifestyle.

In astrology, the year began with Venus in Retrograde taking us deep into heart related matters to release, heal and make room for deeper connected relationships, healthier finances and all things that are valuable to us.

After the past 2 years of great change, according to astrology and numerology, 2022 is lining up to be a healing year.  Yes, we are still feeling the challenges and shift but the universe is saying take a closer look.

I've added all the astrological key dates referenced in...

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Heart Chakra Healing Tips in a Venus Retrograde


Heart Chakra Healing Tips in a Venus Retrograde

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I AM worthy and open my heart to healing in every way. 

Our heart chakra is a powerhouse source of energy in many ways. Venus brings our attention to the heart and under a Venus retrograde areas of imbalance are brought to light for healing. This occurs every 18 months.

Venus will be in retrograde Dec 19, 2021 in Capricorn and will emerge on Jan 28, 2022. All is focused on matters of the heart, taking responsibility for our relationships with others, romantic, love, ourselves, and our relationship with money. In other words, anything and everything we value.

This is a most opportune time for healing. We’ll go over the signs of heart chakra imbalances and tips on how you can heal and balance your heart chakra during this Venus retrograde.


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Angel Insights on Last Full Moon in Gemini for 2021


Angel Insights on Last Full Moon in Gemini for 2021 

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I focus my thoughts with intention on what I want to manifest.

In this episode we’ll ask the angels for insights into the last full moon of 2021. This moon illuminates a dual perspective. Gemini represents the twins and suggests we take a look at everything from a spiritual and human experience. Seeing both perspectives will offer a clear guide on our next steps.

Jupiter the planet of abundance and expansion will be active during this full moon. This brings optimism, creative thinking and possibility to everything we focus on.

We are reminded that full moons illuminate the answers we seek while casting off what needs to fall away. Together with Jupiter’s abundant and expansive energy the universe offers us encouraging support to help us focus our energy where we want to move forward into the New Year 2022. 

Join us for Live shows on Thursdays at 11am Eastern. Visit Jenn...

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December 2021 Energies Set the Stage for 2022


December 2021 Energies Set the Stage for 2022

Angel insights, Astrology Forecast and Numerology 1212

- by Jenn Royster

  • Affirmation: I AM making changes to align with my true story.

Angels bring insights as we explore the December 2021 energies. The stage is set as we wrap up the last month and move into the New Year 2022. In astrology, there are several alignments to explore. We may feel inspired to make a creative shift into a new direction.

A powerful New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius wraps up the eclipse cycle on matters we’ve been working on since mid 2020! A Venus retrograde brings our attention to things we value such as love, relationships and money.

Jupiter will enter Pisces where it will remain for most of the New Year 2022. This combination brings expansion to our spiritual side, higher consciousness and creativity.
In numerology, the 1212 number code indicates a move into higher dimensions and change.

Overall, December 2021 brings the energy that will...

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