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March 2022 Energy: Time to Heal Push Past Fears Take Action


March 2022 Energy: Time to Heal

Push Past Fears and Take Action

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I align my inner world to reflect the outer world I wish to see.

March 2022 delivers the energy to get things done, take action and push past any fears holding us back. This is felt individually and collectively.

In astrology, it’s interesting to note that March 2022 is the only month of the year that all the planets are direct. No retrogrades! That means it’s time to move forward.

There are several interesting alignments in March 2022 to highlight. A focus on healing in several areas and a conjunction that delivers support to find the strength and courage make it happen.

As individuals, it’s the ideal time to use this energy to your advantage by starting new projects, or take action on what you want to do.

Collectively, it’s also an ideal time to come together and take action for a better world.
This episode includes a special energy healing meditation to uplift and support those defending their country and their right to live freely in Ukraine.

Energy Healing START MARKER - 30:49