Heart Chakra Healing Tips in a Venus Retrograde


Heart Chakra Healing Tips in a Venus Retrograde

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I AM worthy and open my heart to healing in every way. 

Our heart chakra is a powerhouse source of energy in many ways. Venus brings our attention to the heart and under a Venus retrograde areas of imbalance are brought to light for healing. This occurs every 18 months.

Venus will be in retrograde Dec 19, 2021 in Capricorn and will emerge on Jan 28, 2022. All is focused on matters of the heart, taking responsibility for our relationships with others, romantic, love, ourselves, and our relationship with money. In other words, anything and everything we value.

This is a most opportune time for healing. We’ll go over the signs of heart chakra imbalances and tips on how you can heal and balance your heart chakra during this Venus retrograde.