Angel Insights: Leo Season 2022 Forecast


Angel Insights: Leo Season 2022 Forecast

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I embrace my inner courage to claim my truth and align with my heart’s true passion.

Angel insights bring support, comfort and encouragement whenever we ask. In this episode, we’ll call on the angels for their insights into the Leo season 2022 forecast for each sign which begins July 22 and ends August 22.

Leo energy brings fearless energy to step up and shine your truth. A boost of energy also highlights success and confidence to be YOU! Leo energy doesn’t spend energy being anything other that its truest nature. Leading from the heart we find our joy in simplicity. To simply be who we are meant to be and nothing else.

Leo season also brings our attention to the Uranus North Node conjunction, Lions Gate 88 Portal and the final of three Super Full Moons.