Angel Insights: Final Super Full Moon 2022


Angel Insights: Final super Full Moon 2022

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I set my intentions on my heart's true passion. I choose to be free and live my truth.

Angel insights into the third and final super full moon of the year 2022. Our angels are always standing by to support us anytime we ask.

The first super full moon arrived June 14th and the last super full moon in Aquarius arrives August 11th. Thinking back to June what has been coming to the surface for you? Maybe a feeling of closure is coming or clarity that a final decision is near.

Full moons always bring the energy to release what no longer serves us. This final super full moon bring the energy of Aquarius, the water bearer. The symbol of healing and transformation. Emotions and intuitive energies are heightened and we feel what needs to be done to heal.

 Saturn prompts us to take responsibility for our actions, while Uranus north node conjunction stirs up what’s not working and what needs to change moving forward. This is a collective and personal journey.

Overall, this Aquarius super full moon energy illuminates hope, healing and the courage to make changes. Lighter energies to replace the heavier, negative or painful energies coming to the surface.

Heavy energies can feel like a cage. What will set you free?