Angel Insights: Virgo Season 2022 Energy Forecast


Affirmation: I embrace my inner wisdom and independence. I am grounded, organized, whole and complete.

In this episode, we ask the angels for insights into the 2022 Virgo season energy forecast for all 12 astrology signs.

Tip: If you know them, pay attention to your sun, moon and rising sign for a more detailed overview of how you can make the most of Virgo season energy.

Virgo symbolizes independence and complete wholeness. Represented by the virgin goddess, Virgo reminds us to respect and honor ourselves. This in turn strengthens our confidence in ourselves as we embrace our independence.

Virgo energy brings our attention to listening to our inner voice and making our well being a priority. We honor our inner rhythms by grounding our energy and using organization to de-clutter our lives.