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Matching Numbers Amplified September 2021 Numerology

Matching Numbers Amplified

September 2021 Numerology

- by Jenn Royster

AFFIRMATION: I accept being abundant and prosperous as a way of life.

Matching numbers in September 2021 take an interesting twist. In numerology, your personal year and your personal month numbers align in September. This adds additional influence to the numbers.

In this episode, we explore how to calculate your personal year and month numbers. Then we'll take a look at the meaning and energy of numbers for manifesting. Something worth paying attention to, especially if you’re working with your law of attraction and manifesting skills. 

People who are interested in numerology should know that September is one of the best months of the year to celebrate. People can use this month to reflect on their past year or month, or even plan for the future by making resolutions. They can also use this time as a reminder of how far they’ve come.

Numerology is a pseudoscience which believes that numbers have a meaning and influence on people's lives. The numerology number meanings are important to know when it comes to life, love, money, career and more.

Why do these numbers align in September 2021?

This year, the personal month and personal year numbers align in September. This is a special occurrence, as it only happens once every century. This is because the way we count months and years is based on the solar cycle, which is around 365.25 days long. The solar cycle determines how many days are in one year and how many months are in one year (365 days = 12 months).

When personal month and personal year numbers align, it means that your personality traits will be more pronounced than usual. You'll also be more aware of your impact on others than normal because you'll feel like you’re living your life for two people at once: yourself and another person who has an influence on you.

This means that a person has a fresh start in September from a numerological perspective. The person can either continue with the same values from their old personal year or they can make changes to their values. It is up to them how they want to change their lives, but it is important for them to be aware of this opportunity if they want to make changes in their life.

In numerology there is a number for everyone. It's a way to understand what your intuition is telling you about yourself and your surroundings.

September is the ninth month of the year so it is no surprise that September should have a special meaning to those with a nine-based personal year or personal month number.

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How to Calculate Your Personal Year and Month Numbers

The personal year number is the number that is calculated based on the date of birth. It is the most important factor for numerologists when they are calculating your personal year.

The personal month number, on the other hand, is calculated based on the date of birth and month of birth. It's an indicator for what kind of energy will be present in your life at that time.

Use the formulas below to find your personal year and month numbers. This will work for any year or month, but should calculate to be the same for September 2021. The meanings for each number are listed below in this post. 

Personal year numbers are calculated by adding the birth date numbers (month, day, current year) together. Reduce down each to single digit.

For example: Let’s say your birthday is November 12 you would calculate your personal year for 2021 as follows:

(month) 1+1=2 (day)1+2=3 (current year) 2021 2+0+2+1=5

Reduce each down to single digit as shown in example.

Then add your single digits together:

(month) 2+ (day) 3+ (current year 2021)5 = 2+3+5=10

Reduce down again if needed: 1+0=1

In this example the personal year number for 2021 is number ONE

The personal month number is calculated adding the personal year number and current month together. Reduce down to single digit.

In this same example:

We would add (personal year) 1+ (current month) 9= 10

Reduce again: 1+0=1

What does it mean when someone's year and month numbers align? The number influence is magnified.

September 1st marks the start of a new personal year for everyone. This means that it's time to take stock of the past 12 months, reflect on what you’ve learned, and set goals for the next 12 months.

September 11th is also significant because it's the date when our solar system enters into a new astrological cycle.

But what does this mean for the average person?

Numerology is an ancient practice of finding meaning in numbers. And it's not just for mathematicians and betting agencies. Knowing the meaning of your numbers can help improve your life in many ways, for example, by telling you if now is a good time to start a new job or to visit the doctor.

For example, the number eleven symbolizes intuition, imagination, manifesting, creativity and sensitivity. In regards to manifesting, the key is to focus on what you want to manifest. Especially when you see the number eleven often. 

It also means that you will have an extra-sensitive nature that will be easily hurt but also able to pick up on the feelings of others easily.

One of the most notable features of numerology is its divinity, the belief that numbers determine human destiny. This idea is reflected in the following:

Numerology Number Meanings

ONE: The number one indicates independence, innovation, achievement, ambition and success. The number one could be seen as either a beginning or an end depending on how it is seen by the person who interprets the meaning of this numerical symbol.

The number one is said to represent individuality, self-confidence, success and ambition. This number is the most powerful of all numbers and often manifests itself in the form of leadership.

TWO: The number two, symbolizes partnership and cooperation. It is a number of duality and harmony. The number two also represents creativity and fertility, which reflects the physical and spiritual aspects of self-knowledge.

The number two is associated with "the power of duality," which is the ability to move back and forth between opposites.

The 2 typically works well with other numbers because it creates balance in all areas of life. This enables them to work together constructively with other people on common goals to achieve balance among all things.

The power of the number 2 is to achieve harmony in life by balancing our emotions with logic, or our subconscious with our conscious thoughts.

THREE: The meaning of number three is that it is the number of creativity and new beginnings. It is a positive number that brings happiness and joy.

Number 3 in manifestation. When you are manifesting something, focus on the end result that you want to achieve. The more detail that you put into it, the better chance that your manifestation will happen.

FOUR: The number four is associated with practicality, responsibility, logic and organization and with making things happen and accomplishing desired goals. This is a time for you to find balance in your life and learn how to be happy while still being productive. If you are struggling to achieve this, this is the number for you.

The number four for manifestation. The number four has a creative, expressive energy that wants to start projects but can have a tendency to jump from one idea or project to the next. The number four also has the energy of stability and order.

FIVE: The number five is considered to be a very lucky number in numerology. It represents freedom and independence. Five is also the number of human senses and the five fingers on each hand. This is why these people often have a deep connection with arts and creativity.

Numerology meaning number five can also symbolize movement and change. Symbolizing action, creativity, and the power to move things forward with energy and enthusiasm.

This section will introduce numerology meanings for all numbers from one through ten.

This number is the number of power, ambition, and action. Number five people are strong and determined individuals who know what they want and go after it with full force. They don't believe in waiting for others to take care of things for them. They will do it themselves and won’t let anything get in their way. That is why this number can often manifest prosperity or success.

SIX: The number six represents a sense of unity and balance between the numbers one and two. It symbolizes justice and fairness. It has a feminine quality, meaning it can often be seen as being nurturing or caring.

The number six signifies creativity as well as harmony as it combines different energies together, which could also mean that the person is looking for balance in their life or desires to create something out of nothing.

The number also has a masculine energy with an earth element. This is the perfect number if you are looking to manifest something in your life. The number six can help you manifest abundance, love, peace and happiness into your life.

SEVEN: Numerology number meaning number seven is about the gift of giving. The gift of giving doesn't have to be materialistic. It can be in any form, but with time and effort. The Numerology meaning number seven is about investing in someone else's life and seeing the rewards that come back in return.

The Numerology meaning number seven also represents nobility, refinement, and honesty in all aspects of life.

The meaning of number seven is that of awakening. It can also represent the cultivation of the mind, intuition, and spiritual knowledge.

The number seven symbolizes our intuitive capabilities. Seven is a representation of total mastery over our intuition and spirituality.

EIGHT: This number is all about creation and expansion. It's the number of new beginnings and development. This number is also about wealth, success, and overall happiness. The number 8 is very creative and artistic where they can express themselves fully.

Eight is the number of discipline. Discipline is what you need to have in order to be successful. Disciplined when you can find time for work around your schedule, you are disciplined when you are able to keep your cool throughout the day, and are disciplined enough to do what needs to be done.

The number eight also has a sense of balance. Balance means that two things are equal on both sides of the equation. With the number eight it represents a balance between strength and peace or stability and change.

When the Eight energy reaches its peak potential it will bring you an abundant lifestyle. You will never be lacking in anything; you'll always have more than enough to live a healthy life, be financially secure and happy.

NINE: Nine is the first and last of all numbers. It is the root of all numbers and represents universal, cosmic and divine principles.

It is also the number of completeness, as it includes all numbers from one to nine.

The numerology number meaning number nine can be summed up as follows:

1) The first and last of all numbers:

2) It represents universal, cosmic and divine principles:

3) The root of all numbers:

4) A representation of completion or wholeness

The number nine used in manifesting. You are forward-thinking, have a great sense of purpose, are always willing to start over, are an excellent communicator and diplomat, and can use your energy for so many different things.

The Number Nine is the Master Builder. Nines have a true appreciation for all things in life and do not get slowed down by details or negativity. They live in the present moment and they see what needs to be done.

ZERO: This number is used most for manifesting.

Zero is the number of completion, so it is linked to endings and death. It's also linked to the natural world and the celestial bodies.

Zero is a number of completeness, so it's linked to endings and death. It's also linked to the natural world and celestial bodies.

Number zero is the most important number in numerology because it can be used to manifest destiny.

This number is associated with spirituality and enlightenment, as well as the birth of something new. It was also one of the original numbers on the I Ching.

It's quite interesting that this number has no negative or positive qualities associated with it.