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Scorpio New Moon Inspires Life Changes


Scorpio New Moon Inspires Life Changes

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I make choices that support my well being and embrace healthy life changes. - Jenn Royster

The recent Scorpio new moon that arrived on November 4-5, carries the energy of change. This could be felt for the next week or two. This motivates us to explore the deeper recesses of our thoughts, emotions and how we feel about our current situation. This is often associated with major life changes that set us on a new path.

If you’ve been going through a metamorphosis, this may be the energy that will accelerate a major shift for you. Although new moons are about new beginnings, the Scorpio new moon also brings a deep reflective time and evaluate our self worth. A life change we’ve wanted for a while needs to be free of a negative self image.

If you’ve been trying to figure it out, this energy could be the game changer for you. Isn’t time you realized how amazing you are?

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Angel Messages June 2019: New Truths Come to Light

Angel Messages June 2019

New Truths Come to Light

- by Jenn Royster

Time to take a peak into the month of June 2019 for angel messages and insights. June arrives with lighter energy. Our perception of how we believe things should be much easier to evaluate under this energy.

Do we accept it or want to change our perspective? New truths under the surface of our inner landscape are ready to reveal themselves. Time to lighten up and let the good vibes in. We might be pleasantly surprised.

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