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Aires Full Moon: Reality Check Arrives

astrology podcast Oct 16, 2021

Aires Full Moon: Reality Check Arrives

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I trust my intuition to guide my choices. I AM ready to achieve my goals and dreams. - Jenn Royster

Aries full moon arrives on October 20, 2021 and brings a reality check that will ask us to stretch our limits. Yes, the energy will feel intense, but also offers the wisdom and healing we need moving forward.

This full moon activates what’s called a T-Square in astrology. The energies of Mars, Pluto and Eris intensify tensions and sometimes this is exactly the nudge we need to take action.

In other words, we are being asked to take affirmative action, set our boundaries and balance our lives. This energy also brings a rebirthing of who we are NOW!

  • How would you describe the new you?
  • Are you on the same track as the goals you set at the beginning of the year?
  • Or have your goals changed?

Overall, this full moon’s reality check is asking us about our goals and dreams.

  • Do they need review?
  • What actions have we taken so far to achieve these goals ?
  • Or did we hesitate and still need to do something.