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Angel Guidance: Jan 2020 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Saturn Pluto Align

Angel guidance for 2 major astrological events.

Jan 2020 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer 

Saturn Pluto Align in Capricorn

- by Jenn Royster

Tune in for angel guidance on the January 2020 astrological line up. On Jan 10th we have a powerful emotionally charged full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer . Two days later, a rare event rolls in where Saturn and Pluto align in Capricorn on Jan 12th.

This will be the first time for all of us to experience this one. The last time these two aligned was in 1982 in Libra. January’s energy forges a wave that will set the pace for the rest of the year.

Thank you angels for your support as we venture into a new decade.

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Angel Messages: Aquarius Full Moon

Angel Messages: Aquarius Full Moon 

- by Jenn Royster

Aquarius teaches us how to carry the water, not the burden of it. 

In this episode, the angels brings messages on the Aquarius Full moon that arrives on August 15 2019. Aquarius is known as the water bearer. The healer that carries the burdens, the emotions and the pain in the world without being weighed down by it all.

How is this possible? Can we truly be a beacon of Love and Light in the world without the overwhelm and emotional drain?

This full moon in Aquarius sheds light on how to send love and hope into this world while simultaneously raising our own vibration to Higher Consciousness. 

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Intuitive Gifts Level Up Under Full Moon June 2019

full moon intuition video Jun 17, 2019

Intuitive Gifts Level Up

Full Moon June 2019

- Jenn Royster

Everyone has intuition. The question is do you trust it or dismiss it? The June 17 2019 full moon in Sagittarius highlights our intuitive gifts. An opportunity to level up and the catch higher vibrational frequencies available.

Under this full moon, tapping into your own intuition and listening to your inner truth is the focus that prepares us for the upcoming months. This is a most opportune time to unlock your inner wisdom and tap into higher realms for answers.

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Spiritual Transformation: Angel Insights on Full Moon in Scorpio

Spiritual Transformation

Angel Insights on Full Moon in Scorpio

- by Jenn Royster

Spiritual transformation is all about releasing, cleansing and transforming your life to align with your authentic self. Spiritual awakening encompasses all of the above with a magnetic boost of motivation in self discovery.

A full moon in Scorpio arrives May 18-19, 2019 (check your local time zone). This is known to be the sign that rules over releasing the old, rebirth and transformation making this full moon a powerful journey within to our authentic self.

In this episode, we check in with the angels for insights into this life changing energy. Watch the full episode below. 

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3 Level Energy Detox: Full Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

3 Level Energy Detox:

Full Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

- by Jenn Royster

The upcoming super full moon total lunar eclipse arrives on Jan 20-21. This potent energy lineup will bring forward all that needs to detoxify in our lives.

We explored angel insights, what this full moon lunar eclipse energy brings to all of us and did a few readings with the audience in the Jan 10, 2019 episode posted below. 

Mind, body and soul are called to clean it up and clear it out.

All 3 levels are called to action. Did you know according to numerology 2019 is a Number 3 life path year? A number 3 year... 3 level energy detox... it's all making sense now. 

Much will rise to the surface for healing. This can test our patience when we do heavy energy lifting. The angels bring optimism and inspiration to help us clean house on all 3 levels.

This is a most opportune time for energy healing to set us on the best possible course for the rest of the year. 

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Angel Insights: Taurus Full Moon

Angel Insights: Taurus Full Moon

- by Jenn Royster

We find our strength and wisdom in the calm. - Jenn Royster

We have a full moon in Taurus falling on October 24th at 12:45 PM Eastern. This is perfect timing to see us through no matter what. Taurus energy brings steadfastness, strength, tenacity and believe or not... a calm... catch your breath and take it one step at a time approach to the mix. In all that we are currently experiencing, this is exactly what we need. 

This is what we spoke about in the Archangel Chamuel show a couple of weeks ago. Chamuel guides us to take it one step at a time and to call on him when we need help with this. Now, we are in the timeline for this approach to bring us through whatever is happening in our lives. 

The October 24th Taurus full moon brings stability, strength and a calm steady approach to mix of uncertainty and major changes. The Venus retrograde brings the focus into our relationships and...

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Angel Insights: Sept. Equinox and Full Moon

Angel Insights: Sept. 2018

Equinox and Full Moon

- by Jenn Royster

Be Fearless. Be Free

Be fearless and free comes into focus. The energy stirs with positive change. I share  angel insights on the September 22 equinox and September 24 full moon in this episode. We cover quite a bit!

The equinox brings our focus to healthy relationships choices and life balance. The full moon sheds light on the imbalance we need to see and motivates us to release and heal deep wounds.

Completion of the old and adjusting to change makes way for success in new goals coming into view. 

There 's a fine line where we choose to break through or hold back. Archangel Michael came through strong in this episode. He's letting us know, when we're ready, he's there for us. 

The choice to be free is a major breakthrough in our spiritual awakening. We choose for ourselves when we are ready to make this move towards higher ascended living.

There's strength on the fine line of choices lying just...

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Angel Messages: Fresh New Energy Emerges

Angel Messages: Fresh New Energy Emerges

- by Jenn Royster 

We focused on connecting with the angels for messages and celebration on the August 23rd Live broadcast.. After all the hard work we've done this year. It's time to feel refreshed and lighten up. 

A full moon coming in Pisces on August 26th will be one of the best this year. All the soul purging and healing that we've done allows us to now focus on where we want to go. 

The retrogrades are wrapping up gradually. Mercury retrograde went direct on Aug 27. Yeah! Refreshing new energy emerges with a positive vibe. This supports us to confidently make choices for the life we want live now. 

There is light flowing in now regardless of what you may see out there. Keep your focus positive and firm on what you want. This energy will lift you positively now. It's time to make a move!  

Watch the full episode below. 


May you feel loved, supported and blessed as you journey into the...

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Angel Insights: Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Stirs the Soul

Angel Insights: Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Stirs the Soul

- by Jenn Royster

On July 27-28 we have a potent blood full moon lunar eclipse. This will be one of the most potent moons to grace us with it's energy in the past century! That's right 100 years since we've experienced this amount of energy from a moon. 

There's a great deal of shift happening and in one way or another we'll feel it. This is not a negative. In fact, there is a gift in this ever changing landscape as we try to find our way.

This energy will take us deep inside the recesses of our soul. The goal is to find our inner most truth of who we really are and why we choose to come here to this ever challenging planet earth. 

We chose to come here for a reason. It's time to see the bigger picture and upgrade ourselves.

Of course I asked the angels for insight regarding this event. I share what I recieved in the episode posted below. 

Expect the unexpected, knowing there is a gift from your soul...

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Angel Guidance: Full Moon June 2018

Angel Guidance: Capricorn Full Moon 

- by Jenn Royster

I reached out to the angels for their guidance on the June 2018 full moon. I shared their insights on key points moving in with the full moon on June 28th. 

The stage is set to finalize lessons learned and shift us to higher vibrational living. Think back to January 2018. What were you all about? Your dreams? What you wanted to accomplish? What was on your mind?

If are willing to embrace this energy, June’s Full Moon in Capricorn is going to bring grounded, focused-driven determination to not give up and keep going. This boost of energy rolls in with perfect timing.

This will support your efforts as you climb your own mountain and stay balanced. The pathway becomes clear to trust that you will succeed with strong will to stay in the game.

This is a most opportune time to tap into what this energy offers. Watch full episode  below.


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