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Angel Guidance: Sagittarius New Moon

angels astrology new moon Dec 06, 2018

Angel Guidance

Sagittarius New Moon 

- Jenn Royster

Choosing the brighter side of life is worth the effort. - Jenn Royster

It’s time to celebrate. I asked to angels to join us for this life celebration of how far we’ve come this year. 2018 has been a year of great change for all of us. 

This new moon brings a view of the bigger picture of who we are today from lessons learned. An expansive view from the brighter side of life that makes it much easier to move out of the comfort zone and pursue your dreams. It’s definitely worth the effort.

Archangel Jophiel brings good cheer and just the boost of positive we need to uplift the weary heart. The energy of this moon lightens the load we've carried throughout the year. This motivates us to get moving in 2019. Watch the full episode below.  


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Archangel Gabriel: New Vibration Arrives Dec 2018

Archangel Gabriel: New Vibration Arrives Dec 2018

- by Jenn Royster

Good news arrives in December 2018. A new vibration full of optimism arrives just as the Mercury Retrograde ends on Dec 6th. 

We've had a full year of retrogrades and they were needed to help us review, reflect, slow down and think about how we want to continue moving forward. We've had to let go of outdated beliefs, opinions and everything else in between that no longer serve us. 

We are in the last phase of of 2018 that prepares us for a fast paced year in 2019. A time to catch our breath before the new year. A time to celebrate how far we've come and appreciate who we are today!

Archangel Gabriel's message inspires us to enjoy and celebrate our lives. To seek out the positives we can appreciate and anchor ourselves into this energy. This will serve us well going into the new year. Your focus is key to manifesting. So make it optimistic.

We've come so far. It's easy to trod through...

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Archangel Gabriel: Self Discovery and Mercury Retrograde

Archangel Gabriel: Self Discovery and Mercury Retrograde

- by Jenn Royster

Self Discovery and Mercury retrograde together. A profound journey into who you are! Mercury retrograde arrives Nov. 17th and lasts until Dec 8th 2018. Mercury is associated with communication. Archangel Gabriel is the angel of communication and creativity. This angel is perfect for working with Mercury retrogrades in self discovery.

In this episode, we focus on the positive aspects of Mercury Retrograde and how this is an opportune time for self exploration and healing. Our hearts are open the release to pain and let in the love.

This is the last mercury retrograde of the year and gives us a chance to step back review and prepare for what's ahead in 2019. 

The new year 2019 will move much faster than 2018 did. So the opportunity to review our intentions for what we create moving forward will be well worth the time mercury spends with us in the next few weeks. Watch full episode below.


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Positive Energy Powers Up for 111111 Manifesting

Positive Energy Powers Up for 111111 Manifesting

-by Jenn Royster

Positive energy arrives following the recent November new moon. Just the boost we needed after a long transformative year. This energy is revving up for one the most powerful dates on the calendar. 

Save the date, Nov 11, 2018 or in numerology terms 111111. In this episode, we ask the angels for insight and connection to lift our vibration and hone our manifesting skills with 111111 energy.

Sometimes it can feel like all the positive vibes pass us by when like challenges pop up. Or maybe painful past memories are creeping in and pulling your down. There's another perspective this positive energy brings to us at this time. 

In the video below, I  explain how you can achieve, overcome and release those heavy experiences with this 111111 energy. It's worth it to explore the possibilities this brings in manifesting for now and moving into the future. 

Theres a better way for us all. Now's the...

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111111 Angel Guidance for November 2018

111111 Angel Guidance

A Powerful Alignment for Spiritual Awakening Arrives

-by Jenn Royster

Positive energy on the way! Be sure to save the date and mark your calendars. 

November 2018 in numerology has a unique date. 11.11.11 That's a triple eleven energy vibration. The year 2018 is an eleven year. (2+0+1+8=11). This energy brings spiritual awakening to the front of the line. If you are working on your intuitive skills and connection to spirit, this too shall be easier. 

No need to fear, we have a positive energy vibration heading our way Nov 8th. As Venus retrograde finalizes her work, a mercury retrograde begins on Nov 16th. 

Although November is a shifting month of retrogrades, the positive energy flowing in will bring ease and support to us all. Archangels Jophiel and Raphael bring insights for this month that I share in this episode. 


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Angel Insights: Taurus Full Moon

Angel Insights: Taurus Full Moon

- by Jenn Royster

We find our strength and wisdom in the calm. - Jenn Royster

We have a full moon in Taurus falling on October 24th at 12:45 PM Eastern. This is perfect timing to see us through no matter what. Taurus energy brings steadfastness, strength, tenacity and believe or not... a calm... catch your breath and take it one step at a time approach to the mix. In all that we are currently experiencing, this is exactly what we need. 

This is what we spoke about in the Archangel Chamuel show a couple of weeks ago. Chamuel guides us to take it one step at a time and to call on him when we need help with this. Now, we are in the timeline for this approach to bring us through whatever is happening in our lives. 

The October 24th Taurus full moon brings stability, strength and a calm steady approach to mix of uncertainty and major changes. The Venus retrograde brings the focus into our relationships and...

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Archangel Raguel: Balance Your Heart Chakra

Archangel Raguel

Balance Your Heart Chakra

- by Jenn Royster

Explore how to heal your heart chakra with the help of archangel Raguel. This angel's name means friend of God.

Raguel's primary focus is balance, harmony and fairness for all. This angel is also wonderful to work with when it comes to personal life balance. 

There's also the emotional overload that can happen when we are going through a spiritual awakening or major life changes. Especially in our relationships. Some may be challenged to make changes. This is all processed through our heart chakra. 

The month of October is puling all of this to the surface for healing and taking it to a new level consciousness. Venus retrograde is especially tugging at the heart strings to reveal where we are missing out on a joyful life. 

Archangel Raguel can help you find balance, along with Archangel Chamuel who brings the peaceful calm.(we discussed Chamuel in last week's episode). We have support for for...

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Archangel Chamuel Insights: October 2018

angels astrology video Oct 05, 2018

Archangel Chamuel Insights

Oct 2018 Venus Retrograde and New Moon

- by Jenn Royster

Archangel Chamuel comes through for October 2018. You have worked hard to find your way through challenges and obstacles to build a new way of life. Now it’s time to feel the rewards come back to you.

October is about applying what we’ve learned this year to our plan of action for this new level.

Venus goes retrograde on Oct 5th. This opens our hearts to reflect on where joy and love are abundant or missing in our lives.

October 8th new moon will bring a feeling of expansion into new opportunities. It's time to choose love to build a strong foundation for a new and happy lifestyle. 

Watch full episode below. 


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Who is Archangel Ariel?

angels spirit world video Sep 28, 2018

Who is Archangel Ariel?

- by Jenn Royster

Archangel Ariel’s name means Lioness of God. we recently explored this magnificent angel of nature and healing on the show. Archangel Ariel is also known to work closely with Archangel Raphael.

This angel bridges the gap between humanity, nature and the spirit world. A beautiful angel to work with when you want to connect with the angels and other elementals in the spirit world through nature.

Ariel also helps us tap into effortless courage for self healing. Watch full episode posted below. 


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Angel Insights: Sept. Equinox and Full Moon

Angel Insights: Sept. 2018

Equinox and Full Moon

- by Jenn Royster

Be Fearless. Be Free

Be fearless and free comes into focus. The energy stirs with positive change. I share  angel insights on the September 22 equinox and September 24 full moon in this episode. We cover quite a bit!

The equinox brings our focus to healthy relationships choices and life balance. The full moon sheds light on the imbalance we need to see and motivates us to release and heal deep wounds.

Completion of the old and adjusting to change makes way for success in new goals coming into view. 

There 's a fine line where we choose to break through or hold back. Archangel Michael came through strong in this episode. He's letting us know, when we're ready, he's there for us. 

The choice to be free is a major breakthrough in our spiritual awakening. We choose for ourselves when we are ready to make this move towards higher ascended living.

There's strength on the fine line of choices lying just...

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