Manifesting with Archangel Haniel on New Moon Cycle

Manifesting with Archangel Haniel on New Moon Cycle

- by Jenn Royster

AFFIRMATION: I align my thoughts with the reality I choose to live.

Archangel Haniel and manifesting go hand in hand. This is a wonderful angel to work with under any new moon cycle. In this episode, we’ll explore how Archangel Haniel can help us with the March 2021 Pisces new moon that arrives March 13th.

The Pisces new moon inspires us to dream big, stay grounded and keep our focus on the life we want to live.

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I love working with Archangel Haniel for manifesting on a new moon.  This angel brings an energy that inspires us to dream big and shoot for the stars. Perfect line up for manifesting your dreams into reality. 

AA Haniel is known as the angel of joy and is associated with lunar cycles, intuition and psychic abilities. All angels are eager to assist us anytime and AA Haniel is ready to help you with your manifesting skills. 

No matter how big or how small your request to the universe may be. As the saying goes, "Anything's possible if we try."  AA Haniel's energy gives us the boost we need to aim higher to reach our goals. 

To work with Archangel Haniel, simply ask for the inspiration to clarify your intentions and expand your dream of the life you want to live. Focus your intentions and have gratitude for the assistance.

Then, look for interesting synchronicities that pop up. Opportunities that present themselves and explore your options. Also, look for alternative solutions that Archangel Haniel may deliver to you. You never know unless you expand your perspective!

The March 13 2021 Pisces new moon is a great time to start manifesting the lifestyle you want to live. Working with AA Haniel and the Pisces new moon together will heighten your intuition and expand your perspective to see the bigger picture. This gives you clarity and sharpens your viewpoint to see the opportunities that present themselves to you. 

The Pisces new moon delivers a "go with the flow' vibration. It also draws our attention to listening to our soul true passion. Heart centered choices take center stage and allowing yourself to dream big. 

Pisces new moon also brings our awareness to our intuition. Do we trust our inner voice? Now's the time to listen to that inner calling. Pisces in also associated with psychic abilities and our spiritual side. 

So you see, working with Archangel Haniel and the Pisces new moon energy will take you far in manifesting the life you choose to live. 

Remember, Archangel Haniel is great to work with in all moon cycles. Keep that in mind, because in a couple of weeks there's an opportunity to work with AA Haniel under the full moon. This is on going every moon cycle. 

May you live your life to the fullest in every way.