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2018 The Year of the Dog

gratitude new year Dec 27, 2017

2018 The Year of the Dog

- by Jenn Royster

2018 Is fast approaching. My wish for all of you this new year, is happiness no matter what. To find your way through the great shift and keep yourself grounded in the process. By grounded I mean, in the game and fully present.

An interesting synchronicity arrived yesterday. As I study the energy for 2018, there is an important theme that runs through the entire year. Stay grounded. Keep your head in the game and focused. Then I stumbled upon this: 

Did you know that in Chinese astrology, that 2018 is the Year of the Dog? A dog is related to earth (grounded) they are focused on what they have in their sights. Have ever watched a dog focus on that tennis ball he's waiting for you to throw? No distraction whatsoever. They are loyal and they love unconditionally. What a perfect animal symbol for the New Year 2018. 

So I looked at my dog Emi and I thought, what a great daily reminder you will be...

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Time to Celebrate Life: Angel Guidance for June 2017

Time to Celebrate Life:

Angel Guidance for June 2017

- by Jenn Royster

Now that we are halfway through the year. It's time to celebrate how far you've come. That's right, whether you feel like it or not, the universe is celebrating you. The fact that you're still here on the journey of making this world a better place. Thank you for being you and being here!

You might be asking... how can I feel like celebrating if I don't feel like I've accomplished anything yet? Well, I asked the angels about this and the response was...

"Believe in your abilities as if they were already accomplished. This sets the energy in motion to bring it into the now."

Well of course that's it, we are learning to shift our perspective from wishing, wanting, hoping for a change to a perspective of receiving with gratitude that it's already done and believing it!

I know, the believing part can trip us up, but that's the good news about the current energies. They are supporting us in this effort. So go for...

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