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Time to Celebrate Life: Angel Guidance for June 2017

Time to Celebrate Life:

Angel Guidance for June 2017

- by Jenn Royster

Now that we are halfway through the year. It's time to celebrate how far you've come. That's right, whether you feel like it or not, the universe is celebrating you. The fact that you're still here on the journey of making this world a better place. Thank you for being you and being here!

You might be asking... how can I feel like celebrating if I don't feel like I've accomplished anything yet? Well, I asked the angels about this and the response was...

"Believe in your abilities as if they were already accomplished. This sets the energy in motion to bring it into the now."

Well of course that's it, we are learning to shift our perspective from wishing, wanting, hoping for a change to a perspective of receiving with gratitude that it's already done and believing it!

I know, the believing part can trip us up, but that's the good news about the current energies. They are supporting us in this effort. So go for it.

The universe is literal that way. Like a computer command. If you want it now, then we focus our thoughts on that it already is! Then believe it. That's the magic inside you that will bring about change.

The angels are very upbeat, excited and filled with celebration energy that I will be sharing with you. I shared their messages on the June 01st broadcast. (full episode video posted below)

Highlights from this episode include:

  • Archangel Gabriel and Jophiel came through with guidance that was uplifting and encouraging. Including using the crystal citrine for abundance in ALL areas of life during the current June energies. 
  • I also shared a wonderful experience I had this past week with nature during my meditation walk to listen to the angels on what to share with you on this episode. No matter how many times this happens, I.m filled with the excitement and joy of a child when they come through this way. I absolutely love it. 
  • The angels brought insight to how we can appreciate how far we've come through this epic transformative time. Even if we feel we haven't accomplished anything. They brought in a fresh perspective to help us see how much value we truly have.

It's time to take a moment and recognize what we have accomplished in this first 6 months of the year. Honor it, have gratitude for that challenge that taught you something and move on.

We will continue on this journey through transition throughout the year and then some. This is a good thing, as it allows us to gradually acclimate to higher frequencies. Think about it, if it all happens at once, that would be too overwhelming to handle.