Angel Guidance for September 2017 and Full Moon in Pisces

Angel Guidance for September 2017

 and Full Moon in Pisces

- by Jenn Royster

September is just around the corner and on September 6, 2017 we have a full moon in Pisces. An interesting energy that is fluent and adaptable on wherever we focus our thoughts. I called on the angels for guidance and insight to share with you. Archangel Michael came through!

The full moon in Pisces energy easily adapts to what we focus on. So choose those intentions wisely.

Positive intentions are key to manifesting your dreams with flexibility in Pisces energy.

This energy does not seek to power over you, but instead it seeks to become what you focus on. Your intentions are powerful seeds of thought. A drop of Pisces energy in the mix and you'll live your new life. This is Co-creating with the Divine.

When you realize you've had the power all along to change your life, you ascend and are living in a 5th dimension frequency of consciousness.

I called on the angels for guidance and insight for this upcoming full moon and September. Archangel Michael came through with clear direction stating, "This is an important time for clear thinking and intention. Make it count! 

I shared all the insights the angels delivered in the live broadcast on Thursday Aug 31st. Watch the full episode below.

You may feel indecisive about your choices, or perhaps you've made a decision and find yourself second guessing your choices.

Now's the time to ask for clarity to help you make those of your intentions so they count in your favor. You've worked hard and deserve your happiness. Time to strengthen our spirits, rejuvenate our passions and have courage to stay in this game called life.

One way we can live a 5th dimension lifestyle now is by focusing our thoughts on positive intentions.

AFFIRMATION: I AM focusing my intentions positively! I am living a 5D lifestyle NOW!
and so it is... ​​​​​​​