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AA Raziel: Time to Make Your Intentions Manifest

AA Raziel: Time to Make Your Intentions Manifest

-by Jenn Royster

Time to make your positive intentions count. Archangel Raziel can show you how. We've really been feeling the energy ramping up around here as we approach the full moon lunar eclipse August 7, 2017 and then the total solar eclipse new moon in Leo on August 21, 2017.

So much happening so fast these days. This is a potent building of energy for great changes over the next few weeks. You want to make them count and make time to choose positive intentions and put them out there to the universe. 

I've been putting my intention on things I love and want more of these days. Making sure to rest and take time to say thank you universe with appreciation.

Remembering to makes choices from my heart instead of my mind has been a breath of fresh air. This really helps ease me through this rapid potent energy these days.

Why? Because I know my Higher Self makes choices with my heart. This brings me peace knowing I am aligned in...

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