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Taurus New Moon and Angel Guidance for May 2017

- by Jenn Royster

The Taurus New moon arrived April 26th with the energy we need to ground into the new everything! That's right, Taurus slows us down, we catch our breath and now we can ground to this new vibrant energy flowing into us.

 In the August 27th live broadcast of the Jenn Royster Show, I shared angel guidance I received from Archangel Ariel for the upcoming Month of May 2017 and how we can best utilize the opportunities it offers.

We also explored the Taurus new moon that heralds new energy arriving to help us ground into the next phase. The month of May is filled with all things new.

Taurus new moon energy slows things down, is practical and delivers a fresh new perspective that grounds us into the new energy.

During the broadcast, I spoke with two callers. Both had great questions and I delivered answers and angel guidance to them both.  Here's the full episode:

Archangel Ariel brought us fearlessness, strength and a word on compassion for...

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Living Better April 7 New Moon Opportunities: The Jenn Royster Show

astrology opportunity Apr 06, 2016

Living Better April 7 New Moon Opportunities

The Jenn Royster Show

Thursday April 7, 2016

Episode Description: Living Better: April 7 New Moon Opportunities on The Jenn Royster Show. Your Host Dr Jenn discusses the energies of April 7th New Moon. How will this influence our lives? How can we make the most of this meeting with our authentic true self? There’s opportunity to learn how to live better verses expecting things to be better.

April is full of good vibes, but we need to be willing to face them, embrace them and take action.  Make the most of the opportunities coming your way. To learn more about this tune in and find out how to make the most of the current energies available to us. Isn’t it time you were Living Better?


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