Where’s Your Energy? 3D 5D or Both?

5d living energy video May 22, 2018

Where’s Your Energy? 3D 5D or Both?

- by Jenn Royster

Have you been feeling the shift in energy recently? There's some interesting experiences happening all around and I have had a few myself. I've been hearing from others that they too, are feeling the back and forth sensation of being in 3D (3rd dimension) and then jump to 5D (5th dimension) reality. 

My curiosity drives me to research and dig deeper for insights into where we are in the ascension energies. There's a lot out there on all of this and that's what we focused on in the May 17th broadcast. (Full episode posted below.)

According to quantum physics, different dimensions exist simultaneously. I know I have had several occurrences of being in a 5D mindset but walking among a 3D setting.

The theory goes, that you if you resonate at a 5D frequency and reality, you can also tap into any other lower frequency such as 3D. Meaning we can only connect to our highest resonating frequency and below.

Yes, you can raise and lower your frequency just by focusing on a lower frequency emotion or thought. You can only experience reality at the highest frequency you resonate and lower. 

So the goal here is resonating at 5D and visiting 3D if you so choose. This is helpful, if you prefer 5D but are around a 3D environment. Takes a bit of getting used to it but it worth it.

The best part in keeping your 5D frequency while you're around 3D is that it won't get the best of you. You won't feel the drain or feel the negative vibes. It's worth practicing and getting the hang of it. You'll know if you absorb 3D, you'll feel it! 

Honestly, don't take that as a failure, that will actually help you clarify the differences between 3D and 5D. You'll hold your 5D ground better next time you visit 3d knowing that you're learning a brand new and improved way of life. 

You can choose at this time for the next few months or so to have a foot in both dimensions. This helps us decipher what we really want and will make it much easier to see clearly where we want to be. 

The differences between 3D and 5D have a-lot to do with perspective and whether you hold onto old belief systems, negative emotions, fear etc... All of which resonate at lower frequencies anchoring into 3D reality. 

5D reality does not coexist with fear or other lower frequencies. For example, in order to anchor into 5D reality, there would be no need to hold onto fear. It doesn't exist in 5D according to reports. 

So why would you feel like you're in both dimensions? That's what the current energy is all about. Giving us opportunity to check out the 5D experience while still keeping a foot on the 3D platform. The universe is giving us a grace period to adjust and acclimate to the 5D lifestyle. 

Honestly, the more I hang out in 5D living, the less I want to be in 3D. I believe that's the point we're driving here. To be relieved of the oppression and negative vibes that exist in 3D is enough to motivate me to 5D living moving forward. One of the best choices I have personally made is 5D living. 

There's freedom is not feeling the weight of fear energy and I personally will continue my path to remove it from my being. We have opportunity for the next few months to adjust and accept a better way of living our lives. 

I go over this and much more in the full episode below.