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Love is Power: New Moon Solar Eclipse

Love is Power: New Moon Solar Eclipse

- by Jenn Royster

Love is power. That's all we need, that's all there is!  The world can heal from unconditional Love. It can heal anything when we open our hearts to it. 

Love delivers hope, giving us what we need in our darkest hour. There is a growing number of souls awakening at this time. Unconditional love for others and ourselves is the answer. 

I shared some interesting and refreshing insights on the Feb 15th live broadcast about the power of love. The ultimate healing elixir in every way. Watch full episode posted below.


There's also a refreshing joyful vibration that flowed in with the Feb 15th new moon solar eclipse. Just what we need for the positive changes we are working on in our lives. This will create a space to hold Love much easier and right when we need it the most. 

Relationships will be in the spotlight. Giving way to healing and awareness beyond our own viewpoint. When we see through the eyes of another, we learn. Our awareness expands and makes room to be filled with more love.

This theme carries out in all types of relationships and creative projects. Seeing the bigger picture is powerful in many ways. 

I personally have felt past present and future melding together. Timelines merging into one. The oneness of self. It's a strange feeling but there's a knowing with peace in my heart that all is well. 

It gives opportunity to blend what we learned from the past, apply to our NOW and create a better future for ourselves. It brings forth the knowledge we have collected and continue to learn and apply it to manifesting and creative activity in the present. 

There's a better way to create a bright future. Don't forget to add unconditional Love to the recipe. 

AFFIRMATION: I AM sending and receiving Love completely. 
and so it is... ​​​​​​​