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How to Clear Your Throat Chakra: Archangel Gabriel

How to Clear Your Throat Chakra

with Archangel Gabriel

- by Jenn Royster

Archangel Gabriel brings a message to express yourself this week. We're going to be focusing on the throat chakra (aka 5th Chakra). 

​​​​​​​Archangel Gabriel is the angel of communication and creativity.

Her name means "God as my strength" and is known for helping both parents and children. She is also known to help those with a life purpose in communication and art.

This is why Gabriel is wonderful to work with for everyone pursuing a new way of life. Which we are all doing at the moment. 

If this resonates with you... then you're busy creating, designing and/or redesigning your path. Your days are filled with learning a massive amount of new information.

The throat chakra is key in your delivery of whatever you're creating. Not just speaking, but your voice can be heard through how your present yourself to the world. Do they see the real you?

We focused on clearing our throat chakras  in the live broadcast Feb. 8th and tapped into the guidance Archangel Gabriel brought to the table. (Full episode posted below) 



This was quite the day as I was preparing for this episode. About an hour before the show began I received an intuitive hit that we would be diving into this much more in the weeks to come.

As the show began, I realized, yes indeed I would be very busy that afternoon putting together a 4 week online healing group together on healing the throat chakra.  This was unexpected and surprising and at the same time exciting. I knew I needed to acknowledge this message and deliver as promised. 

So YES, we have a healing group now forming that will begin Feb 13, 2018 and run for 4 weeks. If you want to join the conversation with others on the same path, meet new friends and grow into your true self expression, than please do join us. 

AFFIRMATION:  I AM communicating clearly my intentions and passions. I AM living in joy and gratitude. My life purpose is a shining light in the world.
and so it is..