Communications: Throat Chakra Healing Group

The Throat Chakra is key to your delivery of whatever you're creating. Not just speaking, but your voice can be heard through how your present yourself to the world. Do they see the real you?

If this resonates with you; then you're busy creating, designing and/or redesigning your path. Your days are filled with learning a massive amount of new information.

Archangel Gabriel is the angel of communication and creativity. Her name means "God as my strength" and is known for helping both parents and children. She’s also known to help those with a life purpose in communications and art. Writers, artists and anyone that desires to discover their unique and true voice.

This is why Gabriel is wonderful to work with for everyone pursuing discover and express their True Self, create a new way of life and learn how to communicate and listen clearly. Which is what we are all doing at the moment.


  • A chakra healing group designed specifically for those invested in healing their throat chakra.
  • The sessions will help you address blockages, clear and heal your Throat (5th) chakra.
  • Healing and clearing out the old baggage weighing you down.

The intention of this class is to help you open up and express your true self. Learn and understand what's been in your way and how to find your own personal freedom to create your new life.