Be Love: Healing Your Energy with the Angels

Be Love: Healing Your Energy with the Angels

by - Jenn Royster

Last week (Sept 14, 2017), I did a live broadcast (video archive posted below) on

energy healing with support from the angels and how we can BE the Love we seek. It turned out to be quite an interesting episode! 

All in all we all had a great time uplifting, encouraging and sharing Love. We gathered as a group and sent with intention, Love from our hearts out into the world.

Allowing it to seek out and BE whatever and wherever it was needed. 

The angels have a sense of humor and they know that laughter raises our frequency. Or to put it another way, laughter is healing

You may be thinking, how can laughter be healing?

Here's how: Laughter is energy. Our thoughts, our emotions are all energy that we hold in our energy field. Lifting our energy frequency higher with laughter, positive thoughts, Divine Love and/or using positive affirmations, helps us focus our intention for positive change. This is a great way RAISE your energetic frequency. This is energy healing that anyone can do.

Our physical world responds to our energy field frequency. That includes our health, our relationships. In a nutshell, everything experience in our lives. So, when the going gets tough or you need a bit of encouragement to see you through a challenge. Ask an angel to help you laugh at something in your day.  They are always thrilled to assist you anytime you ask. 

It's refreshing, to lighten up when it's a tough day. It's one of the many ways you can let Love into your life. 

Be Love and Love will Embrace You 

No matter what challenge you're facing, you are worthy!  The power of Love can achieve, encourage, strengthen and overcome anything in it's path. You are worth every bit of Love you can absorb.
Compassion for one another in times of change is one way to BE the energy of Love. We are all in this together. 

Here's the video archive  below for episode: Be Love: Energy Healing with the Angels.

Note: I did spend several hours editing this episode with a back up audio for better sound quality on the archive. However, I just had to leave in the angel humor at the end!

Why? Because it's just funny!

May you feel uplifted and inspired to be Love in all that you do. Namaste

AFFIRMATION: I AM Love and Love flows to me and right back out to another.
and so it is... ​​​​​​​