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Archangel Michael: Time to Let Love Heal All

Archangel Michael: Time to Let Love Heal All

- by Jenn Royster

There's something about Archangel Michael that just simply puts a soul at ease when he's around. The angel that is known to carry our fears, doubts and concerns away whenever we ask for his assistance.

I called on Archangel Michael to bring us guidance on how to heal our broken hearts and let go of any fears, or concerns that bind us.

He brought so much comfort. I shared his guidance in August 17, 2017 broadcast. 

AA Michael says... Choose to keep your focus on the path of Love and Healing. I know sometimes that a tough one when the world is in chaos, but I know within my heart, it's the best way I know, it's the most powerful healing energy and exactly what the world needs more of.

So I am doing my part here. I am sending Love out into the world for healing.

Watch full video of this episode below.

There is a massive opportunity upon us all to choose a path of Love and healing. This is not to be feared.

Instead it's about letting the healing energy of Divine Love show us new horizons, a fresh new perspective to life and show us a better way to be.

It's time to heal our hearts and fill them up to the brim with Divine Love.

We are in a quick manifesting energy that will bring about whatever we focus on. So I AM choosing to focus on Love healing this world.
and so it is...

Affirmation: I AM releasing all that holds me back. Divine Love flows through my entire being to every cell, every thought and every intention. I AM Love.
and so it is...