Archangel Gabriel Brings Guidance for New Moon May 25

Archangel Gabriel Brings

Guidance for New Moon May 25

- by Jenn Royster

In my daily meditation walk Thursday May 25th, I asked the angels what I needed to share with everyone on the broadcast that morning. I specifically reached out to Archangel Gabriel for guidance on the Super New Moon arriving that afternoon.

I was in awe of a beautiful sound coming from the forest of trees where we walked. I knew it was a message. The sound was like the song of the crickets singing but it wasn't. It was unique and more like that of the Shaman's rattles and drum beats. There was no one around, except myself and my beloved dog Emi. 

I stopped and acknowledged this beautiful sound vibrating through my entire being. Emi heard it too. I listened, and it was the sound of energy shaking up the old energy and replacing it with a fresh new energy.

I felt so much joy in my heart that continued throughout the day. Everything changed and we felt it. 

In the live broadcast that same day, we explored insights and guidance that I received from Archangel Gabriel on the effects of this week's new moon in Gemini. The new moon arrived Thursday May 25th at 3.44 pm Eastern. (aka... Super New Moon.)

This super new moon will be followed by another super new moon in June. All this after a potent full moon in Scorpio a few weeks ago. Needless to say, this energy is not slowing down and is here to bring about change.

The thought of so much change so fast is what can conjures fear within us. Fear of the unknown changes. Let's tear that fear mountain down to size for what it truly is.

Fear is energy, just like any emotion, thought or intention. Fear of the unknown changes are in fact, fear of the future. While this is no surprise to many of us, this is the reality of what locks us up, frozen to take a step forward.

We know we need the changes, but how can we move past the fear to make it happen? The energy of these potent moon cycles are bringing all of this home to a place where we will find a way, to walk through our fire to face the fear and do it anyway. 

We are supported in making positive changes for a better world. Now we need to dig deep within and find our courage to take action. Meaning, where in your life do you need to take action to bring about positive change in your life?

I did a channeling with Archangel Gabriel for answers seeing that he is the angel that specializes in communications. I will share these insights in this broadcast. (video archive of this broadcast below)

One of Archangel Gabriel's specialties is all about communications. Perfect for this particular new moon's arrival in Gemini. He's also perfect for finding a creative solution and possibilities.
How's the communication going in your relationships? This new moon's energy focuses on how we relate to one another.

The possibilities are unlimited when we reach out with love in our hearts to another. When we are willing to look at things differently, it changes everything.

AFFIRMATION: I AM strong and filled with courage to make the necessary changes in my life NOW. I embrace positive healthy choices for happiness. 

and so it is...