Angel Insights on How to Be the Hero You Seek

- by Jenn Royster

I recently shared angel insights on how be the hero you seek by tapping into your personal power on the Live broadcast that aired May 11,2017. (watch full episode below)

There's potent energy floating around with the Full Moon in Scorpio which arrived May 10th at 5:42 PM Eastern or May 11th for some of you in other parts of world. 

The effects of a full moon linger for several days prior to it's arrival and afterwords.

The best part, is that this moon's influence is positive. A karmic balancing so to speak. Yes, full moon's are a time to release. But this full moon is also supporting your movement forward in whatever you still need to release.

This will make whatever has been difficult for you to release, much easier to do so now. So take advantage of this moon's energy.

You may also feel a bit down in the dumps. That doesn't mean a negative for you! What it does mean, is that this energy is showing you a clear picture of what's holding you up. What needs to go. What is blocking your happiness.

When we look at times like this for what they are showing us. The gates open wide to support our healing. We have a looking glass into how we can heal.

This moon is all about personal power! That's right, everyone has personal power. If this is a difficult time for you, could this energy be showing you where you give your power away?

Whenever I've felt this, and we all do, I don't ask the angels to save me, I ask the angels to show me what I can do to take my power back. To show me what I can do to be proactive. This is powerful healing when we do this.

Be the Hero You Seek 

Standing firmly in our personal power is something we can do at any time. The current energies are supporting us energetically which makes it much easier to embrace what we need to do.

This means, if you've been procrastinating on making a change, now's the time.  The universe supports you in your healing and ascension.

AFFIRMATION: I am empowered from within. My personal power is awakening my inner passions and I AM thriving NOW.
and so it is...