Angel Guidance: The Fiery Sagittarius Full Moon

Angel Guidance:

The Fiery Sagittarius Full Moon

- by Jenn Royster

There's a full moon on Friday June 09, 2017 at 9:09am Eastern. Fully loaded with fiery Sagittarius energy, this moon brings optimism for big changes.

The intensity will motivate us by turning up the volume on our thoughts and emotions. This brings our deeper wisdom from within to the surface for clarity. This clarity from within will ride the wave of Love to the surface, healing everything in it’s path.

I spent some meditation time on this full moon this week and asked the angels for guidance to help us all make the most of this opportune time.

The angels are supporting us through these massive changes on a daily basis. Yesterday (June 08th) on the live broadcast, I shared angelic messages that will help you navigate your path through this fiery Sagittarius energy. Watch video of this episode below.

Although this energy is strong, it brings our attention to a optimistic perspective for positive transformation. If we choose to listen to our great spirit within, we set ourselves up for major healing in all areas of our lives.

This full moon has a lot of potential to bring about big changes in our lives. Like I said, there's much intensity and optimism coming through.

This energy will motivate us through our emotions with an optimistic viewpoint for healing. Nothing here is too great or too small for this energy. Why? It rides into town on the wave of unconditional Divine Love.

It will feel strong like a hurricane but with Love at it's center. Healing everything in it's path. So don't run from this energy.

This is the healing Love that stands the test of time, never fears, never runs out, and will heal the deepest of wounds we've been carrying.

This is a transmuting fire energy that will shift lower energies to higher frequencies. For those that are ready to move forward. Now's your opportunity to catch the train.

The energy of a full moon can be felt for several days prior to and afterwords. With the strongest influence felt at the full moon. I normally feel them up to a week ahead. I begin aligning my intention with a moon’s energy as soon as I begin to feel them.

AFFIRMATION: Everyday is a gift, I AM flexible and optimistic. I AM riding this wave of Love all the way to healing all things.
and so it is...