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Angel Guidance for July: Love Patience and Peaceful Redirection

Angel Guidance for July

Love, Patience and Peaceful Redirection

- by Jenn Royster

July is just around the corner. With that in mind, I asked the angels for guidance into this month to share with you.  

Archangel Michael has a few pointers for us as we navigate through the recent energies. There's great things on the horizon but it will take patience and positive mindset to see it through.

This doesn't mean oh no what's going to happen? This means we are choosing how we want to play this out. We are in the midst of recreating our lives.

Archangel Gabriel chimed in too. I shared these insights and their angelic guidance on June 29 broadcast. Full video archive below. 

​​​​​​​Thanks to the recent new moon in Cancer our hearts are pryed open. We are feeling it, we are emotional, and we are in the moment of great transformation. 

We are learning about Love from a higher expanded heart centered space. We are learning how to love in our truth, and allowing another to love in their truth. We are evolving. We are learning. We are heading towards our happiness. 

There is also the planetary influence of Chiron (wounded healer) This brings us face to face with our deepest pain so that we can finally release it and heal on a much deeper level.  

​​​​​​​Yes it's unknown. Yes it's out of our comfort zone. Trusting your intuition to know what's best for you will come to the surface. We are in renewal, a rebirthing for a better way of life. Many people are waking up for the first time all over the globe.

It's all working together to heal us for greater things to come. You will have ah ha moments mixed with tears, joy and even sadness as you discover what lies beneath the surface in your souls. 

Don't give up on your happiness now. We are just beginning to see a new way of life. A life we were meant to live. You will find that you may quickly shift your viewpoint in surprising ways.

Happiness awaits each and everyone of us. But we must do our own inner work and see it through. 

AFFIRMATION: I AM choosing Love in all ways. I AM on the peaceful pathway to living my happiness. I AM patient with myself and others. I embrace Love in all. 
and so it is...