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Angel Guidance Aug 2017: Major Life Shift Opportunity

Angel Guidance August 2017

Major Life Shift Opportunity

- by Jenn Royster

Major life shift opportunities are here and we have choices to make. I did a meditation with intention to ask how may I serve? I asked the angels what would they have me share with you in this week's (July 27th) live broadcast in regards to the upcoming month of August 2017?

Three angels came through, eager to support our efforts. How can we choose to use this opportunity for positive life changes? 

The month of August is power packed with energy that motivates big changes. This 2017 year has been full of change already. The recent new moon on July 23rd and lion's gate which opened on July 26th started the energetic build up to the upcoming total solar eclipse coming up on August 21st.  How will you choose? 

Watch video archive of this broadcast below.

Angels that came through with messages delivered in this episode include:

  • Archangel Metatron 
  • Archangel Michael
  • Archangel Raphael

All three archangels came through with inspiration to help us grasp the dynamic power of this energy we are experiencing. Each one had their message and how they are ready to support us.

Their inspiration and insights were encouraging as we travel through this amazing energy. They also addressed a simple way we can soar to our greatest heights within. 

Many have been asking, "Where are the angels? I don't feel them around anymore." They are still around you, but they are helping us to stand on our own two feet. To embrace our greatness within and shine bright. To be an active participant in choosing what we want to experience. 

​​​​​​​How else would you know how amazing and strong you are? Powerful insights lie deep within you when you completely trust your own intuition no matter what is happening in your physical world. 

Yes, even for those who feel the angels are not answering or have left, they are still around you!

The upcoming month of August will feel lighter than July has felt. There is playful energy in the air along with time out, vacation vibe or just simply being peaceful and quiet.

Let me repeat, there are major life shift opportunities here and we have choices to make.

Those choices are all about how we will experience life in this human physical form?

  • One of those choices will be to choose happiness and playtime to be a part of your life.
  • Another choice that has been making it's way into our lives is simplify our lifestyle.
  • To completely open up and allow our Higher Self to take the wheel of our lives. 
  • To align our mind (ego) with our heart (Higher Self) in making choices. 

Sounds complicated, but it's really not! That's exactly the point the angels made in their messages. 

Simplifying our lives will mean something different for each of us. But, it will all have the same goal of lifestyle balance and that dear friend is bringing peacefulness, joy, happiness into our lives by choice. 

AFFIRMATION: I AM listening to my inner voice within that always speaks my Truth. I AM empowered to embrace happiness, joy and the peaceful way of life.