The Meaning of 1111: Explore the Possibilities

The Meaning of 1111

Explore the Possibilities

-by Jenn Royster

Ready to explore the possibilities? The energy of November is all about seeing everything with fresh new eyes. That is, if we're willing to open them. The month has a theme of 1111 energy running through it as well.

It’s bountiful in every way. November is a powerhouse month of 1111 energy and then some. Big changes are here and our spirit awakens with fresh new eyes. But, what if, we’re afraid to open our eyes and see? This month is loaded with possibilities, but, we do have to choose to accept them. 

I called on Archangel Michael for insights into the month of November and what it holds for all of us. There is bountiful energy flowing in, but we need to choose to accept it into our experience. I shared this and much more about the energy, the possibilities and the bigger picture in the Nov 09, 2017 live broadcast . (Watch the full episode archive below.)

AA Michael guides us to explore the possibilities and examine the course we are currently walking. Do we need to adjust, take a different approach, or do some research before proceeding? 

In taking a moment to refine our approach, we may find that we have left important details out, or find a better way all together! It's worth the look-see when this happens. 

Higher frequency living is here and we are all adjusting to what this means to us as an individual. The irony is this... In order to feel connected in this world as part of a whole, we need to claim our place as the individual in this journey called life.  

Sometimes that means putting down old ways, beliefs, or fears and having the courage to open our eyes and truly see the potential within.  

In Numerology, 11 is a master number and is considered to be the most intuitive of all the numbers. A catalyst for major spiritual breakthrough. 

Numbers are one of many ways our angels and spirit guides communicate with us. 1111 is a knock on our spiritual door. Time to wake up and answer the call. If you're seeing these numbers frequently, pay attention to YOUR intuition for keys insights. Go within and tap into your instincts to decipher the message just for you. What's your gut telling you?

Remember, 11 is the most intuitive of all the numbers so listen within to get the most out of these Divine messages. 

1111 is a message to wake up, open your eyes and listen to the Divine Guidance you are receiving. You are spiritually awakening and it's time to balance your physical world with your spiritual world. A call to tune in to Divine Love and the guidance that comes with it. 

Tip: When you see 1111. Stop what you're doing and focus your intention on positive thoughts and dreams. Manifesting is accelerated with 1111 messages, so make the most of your opportunities. 

You are increasing your awareness with the power of 1111 and it will serve your well in your spiritual awakening. The angels are letting you know they are with you and you've got Divine guidance and support. All you have to do is acknowledge them when they come knocking and accept their guidance.  

AFFIRMATION: I AM embracing my Truth. I am my Truth and I AM set free. 
and so it is... ​​​​​​​