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Spiritual Awakening and Soul Messages: Are You Listening?

Spiritual Awakening and Soul Messages

Are You Listening?

- by Jenn Royster

Spiritual awakening and the numerous experiences that go along with it can feel like a mixed bag of everything. Spiritual awakening symptoms have been on the rise as our soul begins to nudge it's way to the front of the line to be heard!

We focused a full hour on the July 19th live broadcast to address these questions (watch full episode posted below). When we feel physical symptoms and nothing is medically wrong, it could be your soul trying to send you a message

We can hold emotions and old issues that need clearing in our tissue throughout our entire body. I discovered this quite well when I was a full time neuromuscular therapist (NMT).

My clients presented with physical pain and it was my job to give them a natural alternative to stress and pain management. I quickly discovered energy was releasing as I worked on the physical body. It was a true training ground for what I do today.  

From my 8 years of NMT work, I became a full believer in the power of energy healing and balancing. Why not get to the root cause? I retired from NMT work in 2012 and dedicated myself full-time to energy healing and intuitive development. The connection I am blessed to have with the angels has been a big part of all that I do. 

They have encouraged me when I doubt myself. They have validated my intuitive connection whenever I asked, they have shown me positive solutions to every challenge. In turn, it was up to me to accept and trust that the Divine was always there.

I choose to connect with the Divine and the beautiful messengers of Love from the angelic realm on a daily basis. I ask them for guidance to share with you every week. 


The current eclipse energy is prompting emotional balance and energy to be healed and released. I am thankful for the guidance the angels bring and that's what I share with you every week on the show. 

I share with you what I receive and it's up to you to choose what resonates with our soul.   My intention is to inspire and uplift you every week as we all find our way through this extraordinary time of healing and ascension.