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Soul Diving: Life Purpose Explained

Soul Diving: Life Purpose Explained

- by Jenn Royster

What is soul diving? Think of it this way.  You're on a journey to explore the question:

What’s my soul purpose?

Most of us seek to answer this our entire lifetime. Spiritual awakening takes us on a soul diving mission to answer this question. When we answer the call to go inward, we begin the ascension journey, we discover our full potential.

We came here with a purpose. It's why this question continues to draw us to seek answers, to explore the inner depth of our soul.  The soul has always known why you are here.

Spiritual awakening begins the journey of our soul, our passion, our true self taking the lead in our lives. We begin to see things differently, we are drawn out of our comfort zone to explore. 

Of course this is easier said than done. The very thought of going out of our comfort zone to explore a new path shakes us in our boots. We feel the calling deep within that we need to do this. We may not know why, but somewhere deep inside we just know it will all make sense one day.

We just have to get over the fear of stepping out and allowing our soul to show us the way. Once we break through this block, we are on the journey of a lifetime. There's no forgetting it, there's no turning back. We have chosen to ascend in that moment. 

Now everything changes, we begin to learn how to navigate a brand new way of living. A new way of expression, a new way to respond in the midst of a challenge. A new way to see from a different perspective. 

The soul will guide your path. You are living your life purpose every step of the way. A soul's purpose is to ascend. Life purpose supports soul growth. When we find purpose in our daily lives by appreciating all that we do we are living our life purpose.

When we appreciate that we have choices, take responsibility for our lives and honor ourselves. We are shining our light from within. We are living our soul's purpose.

We now have what it takes to share with another. To help another, to inspire and be a light in this world for others. We're on the path to reach our greatest potential. 

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