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New Truths No Regrets: Capricorn Super Full Moon and Pholus Energy

New Truths and No Regrets

Capricorn Super Full Moon and Pholus Energy

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation:  The key to my future is making peace with my past.

New truths revealed with no regrets are highlighted under the June 2021 Capricorn super full moon. We may find ourselves scattered in several directions. The relief that something is coming to an end, yet feeling the emotions deeply. Capricorn energy helps us ground into stability with strength.

The Asteroid Pholus is also a strong player under this full moon. Similar to Chiron, a focus on turning points could deliver new truths and wisdom. Pholus energy can sometimes bring up past regrets. An opportunity for healing and forgiveness presents itself.

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