Metaphysics: Explore the Energy Behind Everything

Metaphysics: Explore the Energy Behind Everything

-by Jenn Royster

Metaphysics is based on the energy behind everything. The root cause of imbalances in health, happiness and yes even prosperity. There's a bright side to this. It's also the root cause of healthy living, true happiness and positive aspects unlimited. So how do we align with the bright side?

Our energy is everything and it matters! So with that perspective, we'll explore how important it is to make our energy a priority. This is important for everyone. Those on the spiritual awakening path will especially be feeling this one.

In the Oct. 12th Live broadcast (full video archive posted below), we explored this and a few tips to help you on your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Including how to balance the overload we feel in the world. Releasing dense energy that affects our health, emotions and everything in between. Then embracing and aligning to higher positive frequencies that support a healthy lifestyle, happiness and thriving in all that we do.

  • Here’s what we covered:
    How to move into a higher energetic frequency. Moving away from Self neglect and moving into a place of Self Love plays a key factor. Accepting ourselves verse waiting for acceptance from outside ourselves. The valuable kudos are going to come from within yourself.
  • Balance is powerful. Daily meditation and clearing the energy field is important Self Love maintenance. This helps lighten the dense load of lower frequency (negative energies) and makes room for higher (positive) frequencies to flow in.
  • Make time to enjoy the things you love will lift your frequency easily. When you smile and let joy become an important part of life, you are well on your way to living a happier healthier lifestyle in higher energetic frequencies. Think living in the 5th dimension​, which is available now.

Bottom line: To connect into 5D living we align our energy with the frequency of 5D which is higher.

AFFIRMATION: I AM aligned in higher frequencies of Divine Love energy that supports me in all ways. I AM healthy. I AM happy. I AM thriving.
and so it is... ​​​​​​​