How Your Spirit Communicates with You

How Your Spirit Communicates with You

- by Jenn Royster

How do we receive the answers we seek from within? That's exactly what we explored on Thursday May 18th on the live broadcast.

Our spirit continually reaches out to us to guide us through life's journey. But are we noticing or acknowledging our spirit's call?

Our angels and spirit guides are all about helping us LISTEN and TRUST our intuition. That includes listening to our own spirit (soul or higher self) This is the truest form of who we are.

We explored many ways our spirit reaches out to us and how important turning inward is at this time of great spiritual awakening. Watch the full episode. 

Highlights from this episode:

1. Good news healing follow up email from a listener in England. Helen shared what's been happening for her since her reading on the show Dec 15, 2016 of last year.

She felt be guided by archangel Raphael and found healing by allowing herself to think out of the box! Congrats to Helen on healing her painful headaches.

2. Three listeners called in and  shared their personal stories of how are finding their way to connection with their spirit and trusting their intuition. Thank you Kathy, Dora and Kay for sharing your inspirational stories with the audience.

3. How our Spirit shows us where we were in the past and how choose wisely today. So much wisdom lies in our past if we look at it for the learning tool it can be.

4. A guided message from Archangel Michael where we are NOW. How our first chakra is a key player in the current energies and how you can support healing and calibration to a higher frequency.

5. What's coming in the next few months and how to thrive. How we can find our own connection and think out of the box creatively.  

Think about it...

AFFIRMATION: I AM the I AM that holds the answers I seek within me. I AM listening NOW.
and so it is...